Kousaka Honoka x Ex-Idol! Female! Reader

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Your POV

I don't know why all of this happened...

No, wait, I do know it. Generations change, all of the industries need to do it with them, nothing can remain the same, the music that was considered new will become classics one day and I can't do anything to change it.

At the end, I had to accept reality and afford another job as a manager since I have no experience apart from the music market. Still, being a manager is totally different than being an idol, so much paperwork and I have to take care of the new idols telling them what to do or not to do, I'm basically the puppeteer of that show. That makes me realize that for my ex-manager was the same, she saw me as a product or a puppet and always told me to stay away from romance or any other scandal, is fortunate if she let me go out of my house to do the groceries.

But that's how that life is, you can't control it since you are literally the living dream of men and women, you are the saint and they are your followers. It's sounds bad but it's true, the human will always search for someone to imitate or to follow because by themselves they can live.

I have to admit though; it was a really good change for me in music. I used to be a pop idol who crossed borders and got to America and perform there but that moment was so far in time for me. Five years ago approximately, I have twenty five. Now music has changed into what seems innocent and pure, that's the new fashion in Japan, the more innocent and pure you look, the more popular you can be as a female idol. And they wonder why to foreigners think that little girls are in danger here in Japan.

Anyways, going to my actual life. I've been sent to scout certain group of school idols. They say that they're legendary or something like that, Muse, I believe that was their name. It's this new group of teenagers singing in the now popular competition of Love Live. So here I am, in front of Otonokizaka waiting for them to go out of the school.

If you are interested, my boss didn't tell me that they spend some time more for practicing after school so I've been waiting here for like an hour or something. The Sun is starting to kill me and my legs are too. Also, some teachers have already gone home and one of them asked me if they should call the police. That was awkward.

Oh, here they come!

I raised my hand up to the sky and started to wave at the nine girls approaching the entrance. "Girls!" They all looked at me, almost all of them were confused since they have never seen me, just one of them blushed madly and widened her eyes at me.

"(Y-Y-Y/N)!" The brown haired shy one with lavender eyes almost fainted at me. Koizumi-san if my studies are good...

I giggled and started walking towards them. The closer I was, the closer Koizumi-san was to faint. "Do you know her nya?" The orange haired asked the almost fainted girl.

"Allow me to present myself" I said when I was in front of the leader of the group, Kousaka Honoka; she is kind of cute isn't she? "My name is (F/N) (L/N), manager of Future M. Productions" Since I was wearing a formal attire, I took one of my presentation cards from my coat and offered it to Kousaka-san.

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