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START: 6th July 2018
END: On Going
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= S Y N O P S I S =

She was the quiet girl that tried her best to stay invisible yet would managed to capture the attention of everyone by just her mere presence.

He was the loud boy that caused trouble where ever he went yet would be as sweet as pie when it came to his princess. His Flora.

Theo was Flora's best friend's brother, forcing them to grow up by each other's side. But, neither would mind as they were like milk and cookies - completely different but perfect together. She looked up in awe of him and he looked down at her with adoring eyes.

That was until Theo's trouble eventually caught up with him as he was sent to away to live with his Uncle, forcing the two apart. Now, he's returned and he's come to claim what is his.

= E X T R A C T =

He watched Flora rub her tired, puffy eyes with her bottom lip jutted out in an adorable pout. "You shouldn't be with me though," she whispered in utter despair and confusion.

"And why not, sweet girl?" He asked in amusement, knowing the whole conversation was a load of bollocks.

She curled into his chest like a cat wanting affection, which he happily provided as he rubbed up and down her back soothingly. "You should be with a girl like Rebecca." She told him adamantly and added, "she's beautiful and popular and probably doesn't have a weird dinosaur obsession.

"I think your dinosaur obsession is cute."

"But you know what the worst part is?" She asked, ignoring his comment.

Theo decided to humour her delusions. "What?"

Then, as if she was telling him a secret, she whispered, "she's experienced."

He was no longer able to hold in his laughter, unfortunately causing his princess to turn to him with a look of betrayal. "Why are you laughing?" She whimpered.

Theo held her face in his hands and told her with an expression of complete seriousness, "I was yours the moment I saw you and I'm still yours now. Just like you're mine, Princess. Forever."

= N O T E =

I hope you enjoy the book. x

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