Chapter 9 (Just Flashbacks)

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Jungkook's POV~~~

I am sooo nervous today. I am finally stepping up the game and am going to ask (Y/N) out.

If I say I am scared, it would be an understatement because I am frightened as hell right now and my biggest fear is of being rejected.

Apparently, I am not so good at hiding emotions and so my hyungs knew that something was up. Even though they asked numerous times that if I am fine but I always lied and waved them off. I know that they currently not believe me but I couldn't just tell them that I am asking a girl out. Actually, I am breaking our own law to not date anyone.

Ugh! I feel so bad for disobeying my hyungs but also feel nervous and fuzzy at the same time. We arrived at school on time and I sat in my usual seat. Though (Y/N) hasn't arrived yet, I feel scared.

Your POV~~~

Today was the same as other days, Mom and Dad busy as usual. I ate breakfast alone and headed towards school. But what I don't know is why it feels like 'something is going to happen'.

Call it a sixth sense or whatever but sometimes I just feel this way and what scares me is when I feel this way something actually happens.

Flashback (9 years ago)

I am feeling so overwhelmed today. I just feel that something is going to happen though I don't know what.

Suddenly my mom barged into my room pulling me out of my thoughts which are too stupid for an 8-year-old.

She came and sat on my bed and hold both of my hands. "Dear I don't have time to fully explain so I will come straight to the point" I sighed mentally at my mother's treatment but didn't forget my manner too so I just reacted as I am interested.

"Dear your father had a promotion and now we are going to Seoul." I was beyond happy after those words left her mouth. But I kept it a secret and smiled at my mom. She then told me to pack my stuff, which I gladly did.

I never told anyone but I was actually bullied in my school in Daegu. I didn't tell my parents because they don't give a damn and I didn't tell anyone else because I was scared as the bullies warned me. I felt so relieved now and that's how I came to Seoul.

Flashback (6 years ago)

Today again I had that feeling that something was going to happen. Though I just kept my mouth shut instead of making a fool of myself.

My father was pacing back and forth in the living room. Waiting for someone's call. It was usual for him to be nervous for some clients but this time it felt a little different.

I noticed it but stayed silent because I didn't want to disturb my already very disturbed dad.

Suddenly the phone buzzed breaking my chain of thoughts. My dad picked it up and attentively listen to the other person on the line. Then he thanked that person in a light tone and cut the phone. Then I saw an unusual expression on his face. Sadness...

I was too caught up in thinking what caused my emotionless father to get sad that I didn't realize he left the room. I got back to the earth when the door of my parent's room was slammed shut.

I didn't know what was happening so I stayed quiet. I have gone through this my entire life (just 11 years though) so it wasn't so surprising. But believe me, it still hurt to be ignored.

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