Thank You For Everything

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He comes home drunk. Not just one or two beers, nope. Completely wasted. I wouldn't really mind that if it wasn't for you know, the hickeys on his neck, or the limp in his step. My blood boils at the sight of the hickeys, because I know for a fact they aren't the ones I gave him, those are on his collarbone.

"Phil, where have you been!" I yell, tears pricking my eyes, my heart shattering into a million pieces.

He cheated on me. He actually cheated on me.

"Well I was at the bar." He giggles.

"Get out, pack your things, and get the HELL out." I shriek, but at this point I'm crying.

"What did I doooo." He slurs.

"You cheated on me, you actually cheated on me. For fucks sake, you bottomed, you never even bottom. Who the hell was it?"

   "I don't know some guy just came over and he was-and he was on me." He stutters, running his hand through his hair.

   "And you let him mark you up from the sight of it. Get out, you still have your apartment, I don't want to see you unless you are grabbing your stuff." I choke out, the tears stinging my eyes.

   I go to our-well now my room, and grab him a set of clothes, throwing them at him with all the anger I have.

   "Get the hell out of my house!" I scream as I see tears in his eyes.

   "Dan I didn't mean-" He starts to plead with me, but I cut off his lies.

   "Get out!" At this point I'm sobbing, as he walks over to me, attempting to console me.

   I shove him off of me, my heart breaking as I watch him walk out the door. His only words are a simple

   "I'm sorry Dan."

   As he shuts the door, it's then I collapse to the floor, in a fit of sobs. My body shaking, and muffled screams from the carpet. My throat aches basically as much as my heart, as I hear my phone go off. I look over and see it's PJ. I have no energy to answer it. He cheated on me. After 10 months, 10 months of kisses, cuddles, companionship, sex, and just a person to be there for me. I don't know how long I lay on that floor for, but I know it's a while.

   The only person who's arms I want around me are Phil's but I don't even want to see his face. I think back to our first time, where we took a shower together and after we cuddled with me in his arms. He told me that he loved me. I remember when he found me in that bathroom, saving my life, and sitting with me all night in that hospital. Why would he cheat on me after doing all that with me?

   Was I not good enough for him? I finally manage to pull myself off the floor, I walk back to our old room, going through the closet and shoving all of his clothes in the suitcase, which takes me about two hours when it's all said and done. Two hours of miserably putting stuff in suitcases and crying every 5 minutes, but hey I did it.

   Phil Lester, why the hell did you do this to me?

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