Kara Danvers- Drunk (c)

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It was rare that Kara went out for the evening without you, however you knew that her and Mon-El had a lot to discuss so insisted you wanted to stay home instead of going to the bar with the two of them. It was always a fun night out with them all however you weren't overly in the mood so were at home watching musicals waiting for Kara to return home. You weren't sure when she would return home, but it was later than usual, so you began to worry that something may have happened, but you realised it was a stupid thing to worry about. Kara was a Kryptonian, there was little that could hurt her, let alone kill her on Earth. Nevertheless, you waited for her to walk through the door.

An hour later you were still sat there when a knock sounded on the front door. You jumped up and ran to it, swinging it open. There stood Mon-El supporting Kara whom seemed much fonder of laying on the floor.

"What the hell happened?" You asked, helping him drag her into the room.

Kara swung her head back, let out an obnoxious laugh as she attempted to squirm free from the two of you.

"She got wasted," Mon-El stated.

"I didn't think Kryptonians could get drunk," you frowned.

"Turns out there are some forms of alcohol in the universe that even Kryptonians can get pissed on."

You lowered her onto the couch, going to move away but she clung onto you, forcing you to sit with her.

"Thank you for bringing her home," you sighed.

"It's alright, she's a funny drunk," he chuckled. "I should get going."

Once he had left Kara continued to attempt to hold you closer even though it was impossible to be any closer to her.

"I love you," she muttered squeezing you closer.

"I love you too Kara," you smiled warmly, kissing the top of her head.

"You're the best," she grinned. "You are so pretty and kind and smart and pretty."

She couldn't help but giggle as she prodded a finger at your face to move your lips or your eyes into different positions.

"I think someone could use a coffee," you stated. "A very strong coffee."

You attempted to stand up, but she let out a whine. Kara wasn't a clingy or a giggly person but when she was drunk that seemed to be the only things that she was able to do.

"Don't leave me," she pouted.

"I'm going to be over there Kara and only for a minute honey. Then I will be back," you smiled assuring her you weren't going far.

"And then cuddles?" She grinned.

"All the cuddles in the world."


Written by Charlotte.

Tumblr Request.

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