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The journey of "The girl with a dream" finally ended. It took me almost 5 months to complete this book. And now when its the end, I miss writing it already. 

Many people asked me why I am writing this particular story, from where I got the idea of writing this. 

From where I got the idea of writing this story?

I have seen many cases around me where a girl gives up everything, even her dreams just because her parents want her to get married. And it's doleful that she never gets a chance to complete them after getting married. Also, it is true that most of us are deprived of heading towards our dream just because our parents don't want us to. All I wanted to tell from this story is that getting married is not the end of your dreams. All you need is an understanding partner to help you achieve it. Like here in this case, if Nirav and Anika hadn't supported each other, never in their whole life they could have accomplished their goals. 

I received a few messages from some of my readers saying that they have gone through such a situation in their life where they had to give up their career for their marriage. 

I got a message from a reader saying, "You have no idea Mitali, I am that girl with a dream." And I had no words to reply.    

I know almost all of you must be expecting some different end to this story, but this is how I always wanted it to end. I never wanted to extend it unnecessarily. But yes, I promise to give you an epilogue soon.

Coming to the end of my long speech, I really want to thank all of you for lending your precious time and going through my book. It really means a lot. I couldn't have completed this books without your motivation. Thank you so much!


I would especially like to mention a few people who have helped me a lot with this book but I never got a chance to thank them.

om_namah_shivaya thank you so much for everything my Wattpad bestie. You have helped me a lot with editing the chapters and ensuring that the things are going correctly. Words won't do the justice to thank you. 

Human_Bing51 thank you for helping me from time to time to revise the story idea and giving ideas to make it interesting. 

Enthusiastic_3506 thank you for always motivating me.

WritOPhobaic for reminding me always to give next update. Your messages helped the lazy me to take the book more seriously and give more frequent updates. Seriously, it felt so good to know that someone was there who was eagerly waiting for my updates.

JuzzmeandmebooksiRebelSri you both are always the first ones to vote the updates. That's really sweet of you. Thank you for having this journey with me.

RashmiPadmawar thank you so much dear bestie for reading my work and giving your precious review!

one-lucky-girlzaveeshaAnush_rocks_RishzzZeenathKhanAKParamaJosephNisha16198sowmya_04Being_ambivertBeing_devilMissChiqycrazywriter1116Dec_18PiaTiwariAfreenOliMoipyC,sowmya_04  your votes and comments always motivated me to write ahead! :)

Also, thank you to all my silent readers! :)


And if you want to know me more, you can always connect with me on Instagram and Facebook!

And if you want to know me more, you can always connect with me on Instagram and Facebook!

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