28- Antonio's love

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Antonio looked at Sadie confused still unsure of what she was talking about. Oh Antonio, you're in for a treat ran through his mind, trying to figure it out.

She smiled, slowly pushing him toward the bed, both still naked. She shoved him down on the bed and climbed on top of him. Her mouth covering his, kissing him hungrily. She liked that the inside of his mouth was warm and wet as her tongue caressed his. His hands softly roamed her back as they kissed.

She slowly trailed kisses along down his chest, stopping when she got down to his hardened cock. He let out a low deep moan when he felt her warm mouth wrap around his cock, and began licking up and down, and circling her tongue around the tip of his shaft.

He let out a louder moan, when she used her tongue to tease the soft spot on his cock, his body jerked and more groans escaped his mouth when he felt her warm mouth covering his now even harder shaft, slowly moving up and down, lightly sucking when she moved her mouth up to the tip, grazing her teeth along the way.

So many emotions were going through his mind while he was enjoying the moment. Her warm wet mouth continued stimulating his cock, gasping as she went all the way down feeling the wall of her throat. She moved her mouth up and down him, causing his breathing to become erratic while the way she moved her mouth and tongue along his cock sent shockwaves throughout his body.

His orgasm was about near and ready to release, she kept doing her magical touch on his wand, and tried stopping her. She refused to stop, her eyes rolled up to look at him when she felt his cock pulsating in her mouth, the intense sensations that she was giving him felt like he was floating on air, his body stiffened up and let out a loud groan while exploding his warm juices into her mouth.

He felt guilty, he never felt that wonderful feeling before. It was the most intense orgasm that he has ever had. He laid there for a moment, his body coming off that sexual high, feeling alive and thinking about what Sadie said to him earlier "So that is the meaning of a milkshake....now I understand" he said quietly, grinning while she moved up to him "You really didn't have to do that... although I'm not complaining either."

"I wanted to do it, I hope that you liked it." she grinned, cleaning herself up "You're always making me stop, and I wanted you to finally feel the full effect of it."

"That was actually the most incredible feeling, I've ever experienced." he groaned in awe. Still thinking about it, he pulled her in his arms, kissing the top of her head.

He laid there feeling like a new man, thinking about what had just happened and couldn't believe that he let her do that to him.

He never thought the feeling could feel so amazing, he heard the guys always talking about it, but thought that they were just fooling around, talking typical guy shit.


A couple days later the girls stayed with Ethan while Antonio went to Sadie's doctor's appointment. Sadie laid on the exam table while the doctor did an ultrasound "Looks like you're about six weeks pregnant." Dr. Weston says, taking measurements of the baby.

Antonio stood there studying the screen, looking serious "So there is only one baby correct?" he questioned, while looking at the screen, all he saw was one little pebble.

"Yes, all I see is one, were you expecting more?" asked the doctor. "I can look again and see if I can find more." he says, moving the wand over her stomach, looking at more views.

"No, no." Antonio laughed "It's just that we have twins already, so I just wanted to make sure this wasn't another set of twins." he says, feeling relieved.

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