Story Two- The Planned Interruption

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I could hear him in the living room, probably playing one of his games. I was in the bedroom, making my bed and fixing the blankets. I wanted him to hear me, to notice me. I wanted him to want me.
I walked into my closet, and took off my shirt and my tights, throwing them into the laundry basket, leaving me won't only a purple colored set of lace underwear. I put on a matching purple slip. I wanted his jaw to drop wen he walked in; when he saw me doing what I was doing.
I went back in my room, and laid down on my bed, spreading my legs apart ever so slightly. I no longer heard the sounds of his game, so I knew he would be walking into the room any minute now.
I slid my hand over my chest, down my stomach, to the mound between my legs. The thought of him catching me really turned me on, and I soon felt my panties grow wet with anticipation. I ran my hand over the spot where my entrance was, through my panties, when I heard his loud footsteps venture down the hall. I slipped my hand into my panties and ran one finger over my lips, sliding it down, then back up.
That's when he walked through the door.
I heard the click of the door as it opened wide, him standing at the entrance. As soon as he saw me, his eyes grew hazy. I turned my head and locked my eyes with his as I slipped one finger into myself. I let out a quiet moan as my head tipped back, still keeping the eye contact.
He shut the door, his eyes never leaving my body. He began to slowly walk closer to me, and he sat at the end of the bed. I wanted him to have a better view of what I was doing, so I took my hand out, and slipped my panties off, tossing them to the floor. I put my hand back between my legs, rubbing my wet pussy, as his eyes roamed away from mine, to down below. I slipped two fingers inside of my and slowly fingered myself, getting myself more and more excited. He moved to lay down, his body positioned between my legs, and his head resting against my thigh. When I pulled my fingers out, he took my hand and slipped them into his mouth, sucking and licking as I moaned put his name. When he was done, I began to run circles over my clit, and felt him put his tongue against my entrance, teasing and exploring me. He moved his tongue, up and down, over and over again, and began flicking it from side to side. I rubbed harder, needing my sweet release.
"I'm going to cum, baby," I breathed out.
"Do it. Let me taste you.." I felt him put the tip of his tongue inside of me, and that sent me over the edge, sending waves of pleasure rippling through my body. He licked me, sucking at the edges until my orgasm was over. He placed one last kiss over my entrance and moved his body up to face me.
"Now, baby, it's my turn," he said with a smirk. The long night had officially begun.


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