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❝ Dreams fulfilled, help others launch new dreams

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❝ Dreams fulfilled, help others launch new dreams. ❞

~ Ann Romney


Being a grandparent is one of the best things in human life. It's a way for the old people to live back their childhood once again. Just the news that they were going to be grandpa and grandma made Vijay and Asha immensely happy. Asha showed her happiness by the tears whereas Vijay, on the other hand, expressed it by few words and a pat on Nirav's back.

When Nirav entered their bedroom that night, Anika was sitting on the bed comfortably and was busy having a profound conversation. He went and sat beside her resting his head over her shoulder and placing his hand gently over her belly trying to feel his baby. Anika glanced at him with a twinkle in her eyes and a smile on her lips.

"Yes, I'll take care of myself mom. I'll call you later mom. Goodnight. Love ya!", with that, she disconnected the call turning herself leaning her body into him and placed her hand upon his which was on her tummy. He was then staring into her eyes with unvoiced emotions.

"Did you see the faces of both of them out there beaming with glee?" Anika nodded in his words. He continued, "I haven't seen them so happy yet. You and our baby are very lucky for me. You came into my life and persuaded me to take a step towards my dream. You always believed in me. You left everything back in the US just to link all the broken strings in the relationship between me and my parents. And now, our baby,", taking a pause, he looked into her eyes and then said, "..our baby, just the news that they are going to be grandparents made them tremendously happy and content. And this is all because of you." He planted a kiss on her forehead affectionately and she placing her head on his shoulder.

"Not only because of me but because of us. You supported me and that gave me strength at each and every step I took.", she said.

"What were your parents' reactions after you told them the big news?", he questioned enthusiastically.

"Mom was literally crying over with happiness, dad was overjoyed,", she pouted dramatically and then continued, "and Anish was teasing me that I'll become a fatso now that I am pregnant." Nirav chuckled on the last part of her answer.

"Chill, I really don't care if you are slim or fat. I love you for who you are and not for how you look." Those were the exact words her father had said before he was coming to see her with a marriage proposal. He had said, 'I want Nirav to marry our daughter for who she is and not for how she looks.'

"Nirav..", he nodded as she cooed his name. "I took a very big decision to return back. But now when we are here, what are we going to do?"

"What exactly do you want to say?"

"I mean, we left our jobs and now we are jobless. We need to start our hunt for new jobs soon. In your case, you already have some music composers lined up to feature you for their albums. You should take it seriously now that you are no more a part of Rock Heaven band.", she explained.

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