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He looked back
but she was no longer
at the spot where
he abandoned her

"So, which floor is it?" Fiona asked as the both of them were standing in the apartment lobby waiting for the elevator.

"The fifth floor." Heaven answered. She was scared. Scared of what Killian's reaction would be upon seeing her again at his doorstep after he kicked her out mercilessly.

The elevator finally came, and they both got in. Fiona pressed the button to the fifth floor before looking at Heaven, who looked empty inside.

It broke her heart seeing her dearest friend like this. She knew from the beginning that Killian's comeback into Heaven's life would be fatal to her. It'll kill her slowly.

But Heaven didn't care about her happiness, she only cared about her son's wellbeing and happiness. She did not want him to be separated from his dad any longer, but she also didn't want to be separated from him.

She now finally learned how cruel Killian has become. He's not the sweet and loving Killian she once knew. He was now a dark and ruthless man. "Don't worry, Heaven. Zachy will be back in your arms, I promise." Fiona tried to make her feel better.

The elevator door finally opened, and both of them stepped into the fifth floor facing Killian's apartment door directly.

Heaven took a deep breath as she saw that Fiona has already knocked on the door. Now they only had to wait for him to open the door.

"He'll get mad." Heaven stated before the door finally opened revealing a shirtless Killian only in sweatpants.

His eyes met Heaven's. They softened for a moment before turning back to their familiar void look. "What do you want?" He spat angrily. "Look, I don't know what the fuck your problem is, but you cannot take our little Zachy and refrain his mother from seeing him." Fiona wasted no time in answering him.

Heaven looked at her with wide eyes. She would have never dared to speak in that way to someone . Especially if that someone is Killian Black.

"And what makes you think, that I'll give you my son?" He raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow looking totally unamused. "I just want to see my son, Killian please!" Heaven interfered.

"I already told-" "That's her fucking son! She was the one who held him 9 months in her womb! She was the one who cared for him, for almost fucking 3 years, not you!" Fiona shouted at him completely loosing her temper.

"Aunty Fiona?" A little voice interrupted the somewhat flaming conversation. "Get inside!" Killian said to the little boy who was looking at his mom with adoring eyes.

"Mommy!" He yelled as he was running into her warm embrace. "My little baby." Heaven said as she hugged him tightly.

"Zachary, come back!" Killian demanded angrily. "He's not going anywhere! He's staying with his mom!" Fiona spat at him which only caused Killian to get more angry.

"Please, Killian. Why are you doing this to me, to your son? Don't you see how much he missed me? If it is because of the job, then don't worry, I didn't get it!" Heaven said.

"I want you out of my fucking sight! That's what I want. And it doesn't work when Zachy stays with you instead of me." He answered.

"Y-you can see him whenever you want, and I  would never bother you! If you don't want to see me that's ok, you don't have to! I will make sure you won't see me when you're visiting Zachy." She tried to persuade him.

Her heart broke into million pieces at what he said. He doesn't want to see her. But why?

"Take him." With that said, he opened the door to let them in, so they can collect their things. "Thank you." Heaven smiled softly at him, but he didn't even bother to look at her.

What happened all of a sudden? Everything was so good before. Why did he change?

"Bye, daddy?" Zachy said as his mother held him in her arms, and marched with him out of the front door with her friend ahead, after they packed all their things.

"Bye, buddy." Killian replied before closing the door.


All he felt is emptiness.


"See, I told you we'll get him back!" Fiona exclaimed happily as they entered the small apartment.

"I feel bad." Heaven said. "What do you mean, you feel bad? Bad about what?" Fiona asked confused.

"He wants Zachy as much as I want him, but the only difference is that I am ok with seeing him, but he doesn't want to even look at my face. Do you think I've done something bad, and that's why he's so mad at me, that he doesn't even want to see me?" She said honestly.

"You haven't done anything wrong, Heaven. He's just bipolar or something. Like how the fuck can someone change in a matter of hours? He's crazy." Fiona tried to make her friend feel better.

"If you say so." She replied rather unsure.
"I will take Zachy to bed, and sleep too. It's been an exhausting day." She sighed.

"You're right. You need to rest, and please don't worry your pretty little mind about that asshole Killian. He'll come around, don't you worry." Fiona replied.

Heaven just nodded, and said goodnight before retreating to the spare room Fiona gave her, with little Zachy sleeping in her arms.

Oh just what would she have done, if she didn't have her bestfriend beside her at all times. She would have been more broken than she already is.

Her life has turned from bad to worse in just a day. How could this be possible? Even though Fiona told her not to overthink the matter with Killian, Heaven just couldn't help herself.

All she thought about was Killian, and will always be Killian, if she doesn't try to move on. Everytime she tried doing just that, he just came in her life again only to leave her with a broken heart again and again.

But this time, she'll move on for good. Or so she thinks.


End of chapter 17


I'm sorry for the long wait, but I just couldn't get myself to write sooner.
I'm sorry!

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