marrying you

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I suggest that you should, listen to the song while reading this story. Welcome ;)


"Jeongyeon! There's a letter for you!" I heard mom shouted. So I quickly ran downstairs to see what mom was saying.

"Mom," I called her from the kitchen. "Oh, Jeongyeon. There's a letter for you from Nayeon," I was a bit shocked when mom mentioned her name, "What? Where?" I asked. She pointed at the living room.

I walked fast,  because I'm curious on what Nayeon's letter says.

Once I reached the living room, I saw a white envelope that was neatly placed on the coffee table in the center. I quickly grabbed it.

The first thing I saw, was my name at the back, 'Yoo Jeongyeon' . I stared at it, for a minute.

I quietly opened the envelope, then unfolded the letter. Wait, it's an invitation.

I felt a tear fell down from my cheek, when I read what the letter was saying, 'Im Nayeon & Min Yoongi's Nuptial'.


I'm already here at the said church where Nayeon's wedding will be held.

And guess what? I'm the, maid of honor. And I really hate that fact.

The music played, then we started on walking in the aisle. I smiled weakly and bowed when I passed Nayeon's parents, they smiled at me.

I stand beside Yoongi who was, Nayeon's groom. I looked at him, then gave him a small smile, "don't hurt my Nayeonnie, or else..." He chuckled, then patted my head, "no problem, Jeongyeon," he smiled at me.

To be honest, I'm really sure that Nayeon is in safe hands. I knew this jerk for a long time.

The song changed, then everyone stood up when the huge door opened, revealing a very stunning Nayeon in her beautiful wedding gown.

My world slowed down, when she looked at me and gave me her sweetest smile, showing her bunny teeth which is my favorite one. She's walking towards me. No, she's walking towards someone else. I smiled back at her, as I felt tears rushing down my cheeks.

Nayeonnie, I should have told you that love you, really... And I know it's my fault that you are now marrying other guy, instead of me. I'm really stupid for not confessing this damn feelings to you. But now, it's too late. I can't live my dream. My dream of being with you. Marrying you, waking up in mornings beside you, cuddling with you, kissing you, hugging you, making love to you. I'm just scared, on you rejecting me. I didn't even tried. But just to tell you, Im Nayeon, I love you. I want you to be my Yoo Nayeon, but now you're changing Im to Min, not Yoo. I'm so sorry, if I avoided you, I just want this damn feelings to be gone. Don't worry, I'll still love you, even if you love him. I'll still protect you, even if you protect him. I'll stil make you safe, even if you make him safe. I wish I just confessed to you earlier, when you just have me, and I just have you. I hope in my next life, I'll not be afraid on telling you how much I love you. But now, I'll just be patient. I'm still waiting for you. I love you more than anyone else, Nayeonnie.

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