Food is the First Building Block

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Written by DeeJAY
Translated by Kourtnie

Hoomans, the first step
to a thriving species
is found in the efficiency
of their food chain.

I do not mean whether
hooman eats life
below him, or life
above eats hooman,

although as we cats
are equally aware,
the top of the food chain
is a comfortable place;

what I mean is
hoomans must provide
the building blocks needed
for other tinier, less able

hoomans to thrive
long enough to fully realize
all hooman potential.
This will not be the last

time Feline Society #337
refers to all hooman
potential, although perhaps
it is not as urgent a mission

as retrieving Happy Rock
from the local lizard men
so we can remove
Orange Man from power.

For now, just know
all hooman potential
translates into
every hooman

optimizing the brain
and body
natural selection gave them
to advance the collective species..

Of course, we mustn't
discount the other six
building blocks beyond
the om-nom-noms.

All seven blocks
are important
to unlocking
new features

so European Feline Society #201,
American Feline Society #337,
Aussie Feline Society #84,
and other Feline Societies
can Interwebs together
to save hoomankind.

First draft: July 18

Second draft: September 18

Word count: 206

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