Mukuro meet Kyoya

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Mukuro started walking toward Kyoya bedroom after he put Chrome sleep

" Kyoya sama why you sad?" Mukuro asked

" It's just I will select and engaged with someone I do not know " Kyoya said

" Then means Kyoya sama have in love with someone,right" Mukuro said

" Ofcourse I love her deeply" Kyoya said

" Who the girl that take your heart Kyoya sama?" Mukuro asked

" Her name is Sawada Tsunayuki" Kyoya said

" She have pretty name" Mukuro said

" Yeah not just her name pretty but her heart also pretty" Kyoya said

" I felt my heart empty to engaged someone I do not love" Kyoya look at the night sky and felt sad

" Maybe that girl name Sawada Tsunayuki will come to our palace" Mukuro said

" If you said so I'm relieve" Kyoya take a deep breath

" But Kyoya sama I have secret" Mukuro said

" Please tell me" Kyoya asked

" I thought I want to keep that secret from you but now I will tell you" Mukuro said

" Well if Kyoya sama not found Sawada Tsunayuki, I found a really kind girl who suitable will become your wife Kyoya sama" Mukuro said

" Ofcourse I will marry that girl you introduce to me if I not found Sawada Tsunayuki on the palace" Kyoya said and agree

" But Kyoya sama please not give up early if she is your destiny one I'm sure you will meet her oneday" Mukuro give support to Kyoya

" Thank you Mukuro" Kyoya express his gratitude

" Is Chrome sleep now?" Kyoya asked

" Hai Kyoya sama Chrome hime now sleep in her bedroom" Mukuro said

" Please accompany me to kitchen I'm hungry" Kyoya said

" Kyoya sama no need to go kitchen I will call kitchen staff to bring food over here" Mukuro said

" But I want to take deep breath and chitchat with you as friend not my butler" Kyoya said

" Your wish I will follow" Mukuro bowed

Kyoya chuckle of his friend antic

" Kyoya let's go" Mukuro said

" Hai Mukuro" Kyoya nod

Way to kitchen

" look like you have tough mission from my father" Kyoya said

" Yes, I go to twenty five school today" Mukuro have paled expression on his face

" Hahaha" Kyoya laugh

" Do not laugh Kyoya" Mukuro fumed in anger

" What girl you found on your mission that you said she suitable to become my future wife" Kyoya curious

" She the first girl who help me when I'm acting like idiot infront of school gate" Mukuro sigh

" I wish I can record your acting Mukuro" Kyoya tease Mukuro

" No" Mukuro answer

" hahhaha I know you will said no" Kyoya laugh

" look like he not stress anymore" Mukuro smile to see his friend who will become future king laughing and relax


See you next time~

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