After School

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Both of them infront of Tsuna table waiting Tsuna pack her textbook into school bag

" Tsunahime are you done?" Hayato asked

" I'm done, let take Lambo,I-pin and Fuuta at home first then we going to playground" Tsuna said.

" Hai" Both of them in unison

Tsuna started walking toward Classroom door follow by Hayato and Tamami

" Ugly Tsuna  I repeat again please do not come to palace tomorrow or you will dirty your ugliness in palace" Talisa Reo prevent Tsuna going outside classroom and said

Even all in class laugh at Tsuna

Tsuna still composed herself as she have people who still love her

" Hayato" Tamami felt pissed

" Yes" Hayato answer

" I really want to kill them now, they really rude to Tsuna" Tamamai said

" Me too but Tsunahime surely sad if we kill them here" Hayato said

" Ugly Tsuna did you listen or not" Mazaki said

" If you come to palace all people in palace will sure hate your ugliness and I'm sure Talisa will win prince heart right minna" Mazaki said

" Hai" All in the class answer

" Mazaki you so sweet I will give you reward when I become queen" Talisa have happy expression on her face

Tsuna just smile to them and turn her face to Hayato and Tamami " let's go, I'm sure Fuuta,Lambo,I-pin will excited to  go playground"

Tsuna started open classroom door and ignore them

" Ugly Tsuna wait" Talisa and Mazaki said at the same time

Tamami close classroom door and they started walking toward school gate

On the street they just silence and only wind echoes being heard

" Hayato did you think Tsuna is okay?" Tamami grab Hayato sleeves and asked

" I dunno maybe let's wait her calm down first" Hayato said

" What both of you gossip about?" Tsuna turn back

" Nothing Tsuna hime right Tamami" Hayato turn his face to Tamami

" Hayato is right" Tamami answer

" I'm okay thanks worried about me" Tsuna hug Hayato and Tamami

Hayato and Tamami felt Tsuna warmth

" Hayato, did you inform your father?" Tsuna release her hug and asked Hayato

" Hai Tsunahime" Hayato answer

After thirty minutes later~

"knock knock knock knock"

" I'm home grandma" Tsuna said

Misa unlocked the door and saw Tsuna,Hayato and Tamami

" Welcome home Tsuna chan"

" Please get in" Misa said

" Grandma I'm and others like to take Lambo,Fuuta and I-pin play at playground where are they?"

" Fuuta,Lambo and I-pin Tsuna chan want to bring all of you to playground" Misa call

One by one reveal infront of Tsuna,Hayato,Tamami and Misa

They have happy expression on their face at the word of playground

" Please be careful Tsunachan"

" Do not worry I will protect her" Tamami said

" Thank you" Misa express her gratitude


See you next time....

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