19. Facing your emotions

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Sage was trying his best to protect her from the talking eyes staring at Trisha. After the rumors from party spread they were in reluctant awe of her but she was back to be the silent shy Trisha who was squirming under so much attention.

But the downside or maybe upside of the whole thing was boys were in awe of her and girls wanted to be friends with her. They were supposed to lay low and subtly mingle but this was something drastic.

Naturally, everyone talked about them now.

And that meant rumors were bound to spread. After the tactic, Trisha pulled Sage and she was not talking. Sage was worried that she might break down and want to go back from their mission when they had nowhere to go back to while Trisha was simply scared that Sage might be angry.

"Excuse me, we need Trisha and Sage in the principal's office." A sudden entry in the class surprised everyone.

Two men dressed in black suits and shiny black shoes with an intimidating aura stood in an attentive position waiting for the teacher to respond.

He nodded and both Trisha and Sage got up at the same time.

Trisha was scared now. She ran away from home because she didn't want to be caught and die. And now she was in trouble again.

Sage was silent but the worry was etched on his face.

"What is this about Sir?" He finally asked since he noticed a pale looking Trisha.

"You need to be taken to the doctor." one of them said in a robotic tone.

Fear gripped both of them. If they are checked for anything specific they will be caught without any doubt.

"Why?" Sage continued the questioning making himself even more suspicious.

They didn't answer this question and just kept walking.

As they entered principals office there were men dressed in doctors gown present.

"Sit down please." The principal said in an unpleasant tone.

Before they could actually sit she brought forward her cellphone and showed them the video that someone made at the party last night.

"Miss Trisha, were you feeling bad for the boy being bullied?" She asked.

She should have asked about how the boy was, reprimanded those who bullied him but no she has no caring emotion whatsoever. Trisha felt disgusted at that moment. Maybe, maybe the fearless potion she drank still lingered in her body because she said rather defiantly, " Yes."

From her peripheral vision, she could see Sage looking defeated at her words.

Even the non- bothered principal looked up and tried to drill a hole in their heads with her glare.

"You felt bad for him?" She confirmed.

"Anyone with eyes would," Trisha replied and realized she felt lighter saying that.

The doctors ready to escort them almost gasped her words.

"But that makes you weak and unfit." She said giving a chance to Trisha to explain why she was doing all this.

"Does it? If someone is hurting you and your family just simply doesn't care does that make them strong ?" Sage was blatantly staring at Trisha now wondering where the courage was coming from.

"Please take her away while I talk with the boy," Prinicipal said in a tired tone.

"No, I am with her," Sage yelled out immediately.

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