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One hour later, a large group of male students stood in an old sports hall and a teacher droned on about... Something. Cadell, who was failing to discreetly pick his nose, was too busy daydreaming to pay attention. He was in a good mood. Nothing strange had occurred in his previous biology lesson which was surprisingly tolerable. He had enjoyed arguing with Sara about questions he knew nothing about and chuckling when the pitch of her voice increased in frustration. Elijah would keep fidgeting in his chair and would frequently turn around to look at him. This annoyed Cadell, so he'd cut up pieces of his rubber and threw them at Elijah's afro. He was also happy that Elijah was not in his P.E. lesson who was starting to creep him out.

"Walker!" Mr Griffin shouted. "Stop picking your nose!"

Cadell raised an eyebrow, his little finger still stuck in a nostril. "Are you talking to me, sir?" A few classmates stifled laughs. Mr Griffin's skin decided to become a tomato.

"YES! YOU... I'm not playing your games today, Walker." He turned to the rest of the class. "Everyone around the sports hall fifty times."

The class groaned which was rewarded by an extra twenty laps. Mr Griffin was not a nice person. He was the kind of teacher who liked making children cry, and Cadell had sworn he had seen the teacher smirk after a student broke his leg during a basketball lesson.

The voice returned just as Cadell finished the final lap.

Who should we start with? It whispered.

Cadell closed his eyes. While the students gathered in a group, he stood still. He was terrified, but anger swelled up inside him. Whatever was attacking him, he would fight it. His whole body tensed as he walked back to the group. Mr Griffin began organising teams for a dodgeball game, but of course, Cadell didn't notice that. He waited patiently.

One minute had passed, but the voice remained silent. Was it teasing him?

He stood in a horizontal line of students. A row of red balls were placed in the centre of the hall and the opposing team stood at the opposite end.

"Everyone! Wait for the blow of my whistle!" Mr Griffin said.


Say something. Cadell thought.

"2... 1..."

I know you're there. You can't control me, so get out of my head.


The voice exploded in Cadell's brain.

Disgusting sentences infected his mind. The voice picked off his friends around him sentence by sentence, each one a vivid description of slaughter. He wanted to cry. How could he look at them the same way again? While red balls flew in every direction, Cadell froze and stared at the floor. It was all he could do.

"What the hell are you doing, Cad?" someone shouted.

"This isn't funny you idiot!" Another said.

Cadell snapped back to reality and looked up. Everyone on his team had been eliminated. He looked to the right and saw them on the side-line with angry faces. Cadell almost smiled. He had never felt so relieved to hear the sound of another person. The voices were still present, but at least now he wasn't alone with it.

Cadell stretched his arms out wide. "What are you waiting for? I haven't even moved and no one's hit me. You lot suck!"

The seven remaining guys on the other team shouted back insults and then they all gave a similar, knowing smirk. They quickly advanced to the middle line with two red balls in each of their hands.

"Aim for his face!" someone screamed from the sidelines.

A volley of balls soared through the air.

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