Character sketch

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Hussain :

Inam Hussain : The lead...Age 23....A business tycoon.

Maaz Hussain : The elder brother of Inam.

Saima Hussain : Maaz's wife.

Kasam Ali : The father of Inam.

Fatima Hussain : The mother of Inam.

Zaid Hussain : The younger brother of Inam...more close to Anaya and Inam...age 18.


Malik :

Shabbir Malik : Father of Anaya.

Khadija Malik :  mother of Anaya.

Yasir Malik : brother of Anaya.

Falak Malik : wife of Yasir...bhabhi of Anaya.

Anaya Malik : the lead...age 22...Gynalogist by profession.


So here is the Character sketch.

I know not descreptive but I am trying new.

And yaa I need a cover.

So who is interested ?

Or else suggest me some amazing cover makers.

I know few of them, I will try to contact them or else you guys suggest me.

Keep smiling :)

Keep luving ♥

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