Chapter One

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Jasmine Point Of View

"Jasmine! get your butt up child, no one tell you to stay up all night watching TV" shouted grandma. I open my eyes, just in time to see grandma with a belt in her hand. I jump up quickly, and came out of bed before she hit me with that belt of hers. "Okay grandma I'm up, you don't need to hit me with that belt" She glare at me then left the room, I sigh and walk to my closet picking something out for today.

I hum to myself, while I look through my closet for something to wear. "Hey Jassy, can I borrow your wedge?" ask August I look at her she is fourteen years old, and look just like mom slim but have curves in the right places. "Ugh no, I told you not to wear my stuff so get out of my room" She roll her eyes and stomp out of my room, that the worst thing about having a sister they always wanna borrow something from you. Well three sisters in fact, I have a older sister who is 22 years old she well turn out to be a whore and she live with her thug boyfriend. We were never close, she always call me names but I never acknowledge her in anyway. Then it me I'm 16 years old, and I go to high-school which is hell for me. I'm a loner well some people try to talk to me but I really don't have any interest in talking to them. Why have friends, when all they going to do is back stab you? exactly.

August is the third child, she is fourteen and she growing up too fast. She smoke weeds, and hang with the bad crowds which I really don't know why. As I see it she going to end up like our big sister Eva, then finally the cutest and adorable girl ever is Joan. She is four years old, and boy she could chat but I love her dearly with all my heart.

My mom is a model, well back then but now she just up and left after she have August. Mom is beautiful she is Spanish and black, she got pregnant at sixteen with Eva but she didn't give up on modeling. But when she met my dad who well is a waiter at some fancy restaurant they fell in love together. That when I came in the story later, but they never get married. When they have August thats when everything went worst, mom wasn't home anymore and dad have to work extra shift so grandma have to babysit us. This keep going on until we eventually we move in with grandma. Weeks past and dad came back with mom, she was pregnant with Joan grandma told dad to take a DNA test and it turn out it's his. I thought we were going to be a family again, but I was wrong after Joan born mom left the hospital next day and we never hear from her since.

Dad got murder cold blooded, when some fools were drunk and decided to shoot up the restaurant. Ever since then my family have tear apart forever. But grandma try to keep us together as sisters, but Eva have other plan. So now it just grandma, me, August, and Joan.

And this is my story


"Jasmine!"shouted Joan. As I walk in the kitchen, I smile and pick her up in my hands and kiss her fluffy cheeks. Her big brown eyes sparkle with happiness, I kiss her nose and put her back in her high chair. I see grandma at the stove making breakfast,so I grab a plate and bring to her. She put eggs and bacon on my plate, I sit around the table and grab a toast bread and butter it.

"Your sister getting on my last nerve, all she do is running up my damn phone bill" I sigh, that August right there.

"Then tell her to stop using your phone grandma." I eat my egg, while I make monkey faces at Joan who is laughing her butt off.

"Girl I know right, he want this but he playing himself!" I turn around to see August walk in the kitchen, looking like a thot with the house phone at her ears. She kiss Joan cheek, and then roll her eyes at me. I shake my head, this girl is just fourteen and she acting like this imagine when she my age.

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