Chapter 10 - Sundial of Reincarnation

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Professor Shen hands him a bottle of medicine, "you forgot your medicine."

He sees the wound on Zhao's elbow, and frowns, "be careful with it; keep the wound dry and don't eat irritating foods..."

Zhao silently gazes at him.

Shen is a little uncomfortable, "what?"

Zhao irrelevantly asks, "is Professor Shen married?"

Shen is startled, "no..."

"Oh." Zhao continues, "do you have a girlfriend?"

Zhao's male gaze violently invades his privacy; at this moment, it seems to Shen that no matter what he answers he is in trouble.

Zhao takes the bottle, and half-jokingly says, "Professor Shen is young and handsome, and so caring, you must be a catch."

"Nonsense..." Shen is rather tense.

Zhao smiles, dimples deepening, "right, can I borrow your phone for a second?"

Shen takes out his phone, but Zhao doesn't take it; he holds Shen's hand, enters his phone number and name in the contacts list, calls himself, and then hangs up.

"You can call me," Zhao pretends to be professional, "if there's anything about the case, that is."

He throws the bottle into the air and catches it, and waves at Shen, "thank you so much, I have something to take care of now, after I finish this case I will treat Professor Shen to a meal."

He doesn't seem to be in a hurry at all: with one hand in his pocket, he dawdles away, looking slightly sloppy and laid-back, and yet his figure still gives off a charismatic vibe from behind; he is like a peacock displaying its plumage, dancing a most hormonal mating choreography with its beautiful tail.

As he walks away, Shen relaxes a little, and gazes at Zhao deeply but with restraint. He takes a final look, and turns around.

A few steps later, Shen can't help but turn around once again, but that certain someone is long gone.

In his contacts list is a new entry: an amorous 'Ah Lan', silently laying on the screen. He mutters the name, and feels as though a knife had pierced through the softest part of his heart, bludgeoning and tearing it apart.

Shen raises his fingers, as he can still smell a hint of cologne; he closes his eyes, and takes a steady and deep breath.

He doesn't know what kind of cologne Zhao Yunlan uses, but the smell lingers in his mind as if he had dreamed of it for years.

In the tranquil campus, all one can hear is the sound of falling leaves. Shen stands silently, and after a long while, he self-mockingly smiles, and hurriedly leaves.

When he looks down, his sorrow wears away, and his face becomes stern, with a look of malice in his eyes.

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