32. Ditch

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❝ ditch ❞

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BACK to work, Jihae started working at Jeon Enterprises since her husband wanted her to work with him, so their busy days started. Unlike usual, they left their work earlier, and both of them walked out of the building together.

Today, there was a wedding after-party of one of their clients and they needed to attend on behalf of Jeon enterprises. "Is it okay if we don't attend the par–" "We must attend," Jungkook cut her off.

They drove back to their house and got ready for the party. Jungkook was fixing his hair in front of the mirror. "How am I looking?" Jihae stood in front of him and asked, blocking the mirror.

"Good," Jungkook said, pushed her aside and continued fixing his hair. "Okay!" Jihae pouted and walked out of the room, leaving him behind, and that was when he realized what he did.

He sighed, "JIHAE," he shouted and ran outside the room, only to see her standing right next to the door. "What?" she asked, raising her eyebrows.

"How am I looking?" he asked with an awkward smile. She examined him from head to toe. "Good," she said and walked downstairs while he followed her.

They drove to the venue. "Mrs. Choi will attend the party." Jungkook tried trying to start a conversation. But she ignored him. "She was asking about your regular hair salon," he said, making her suddenly burst out in a laugh.

"What did you say to her?" she asked, holding her laugh. "I said my wife doesn't go to a salon and her hair is natural, but she didn't believe me," he said with a pout and she couldn't resist his cuteness anymore, so gave up on pretending to be angry.

"She will surely annoy you later," he said with the same pout. "I know how to trick her." She laughed. And with these kinds of talks, they reached the venue and got out of the car.

Linking their arms together, they walked in. "Welcome, Mr. and Mrs. Jeon." Mr. Kang bowed at them and they bowed back at him.

The bride and groom were talking to some people and they walked to them. The newly married couple noticed them and the couples bowed at each other. Jihae handed a bouquet of flower to the bride.

"Congratulations on your wedding." Those two congratulated the bride and groom before walking away from the crowd. "This party is boring" Jihae whispered to her husband.

"I know," Jungkook said, pressing his lips into a thin line. "I have an idea." Jungkook suddenly whisper shouted in her ear, making her jump.

"What?" she asked curiously. "Let's ditch the party." he clicked his fingers.

"No one will find out, right?" she asked and he shook his head.

Bowing at the other people, they walked towards the exit. When they were near, they looked around and was about to leave. "MRS. JEON!" A familiar voice shouted from behind. They turned around with a smile. "Mrs. Choi." Jihae showed her teeth and the woman excitedly ran to her.

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