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                         MGK's POV

"Good morning baby girl. How'd you sleep?" I asked. "Good, me still sweepy tho." "You wanna go back to sleep?" "Uh huh." She said rubbing her eyes. God she's so cute. "Daddy??" "Yes baby girl?" "Can I take a nap wif chi?" "Of course baby girl. C'mon let's go to daddy's room and sleep." I said. "Up!" She commanded. "What do you say?" "Pwease?" "Good girl." I said picking her up, taking her to my room and laying her down. I laid her down and laid beside her and held her close to me.   "Daddy?"  "Yes baby girl?"  "Why did you choose me?"    "What do you mean baby girl?"   "Ugh nevermind."  "Baby girl. I chose you because you're beautiful, but what really sparked my interest when I adopted you was that you loved to shoot guns.  What I was planning to do when I adopted you was to get you into DDLG because I wanted a little girl but that day when I found your paci in your bag, I knew you were a little.  And that was one of the happiest days of my life.  You're mine and no one is ever gonna take you away from me.  Ever again."   "Thank you daddy."  "You're welcome baby girl." 

The next day I was called into work.  I hated leaving Aurora.  Especially after what happened. "Baby girl daddy has to go into work for a few hours.   Remember lock every door and window, always have your gun with you at all times the cameras are on in the house. Just in case someone tries to hurt you, you can shoot them and we can prove that it was self defense." "When did you get cameras?"  "As soon as you were taken."  "Oh ok."  "Yeah. Daddy's gotta leave now he'll be back in a few hours I promise."  I didn't like this and neither did she. Her bottom lip started to tremble. Her eyes became glossy, then a tear drop fell from her eye.  "Baby girl please don't cry.  Please."   "Don't weave me here awone. Pease."  She cried.   She was in little space maybe about two or three years old. God she's so cute. "How about this."  I said picking her up and setting her on my hip.   "How bou' what?"   "My friend Ashleigh,  who is also my manager, comes over and watches you until I get home?"  "Does she know I wittle?"   "Yes Baby girl."  "Oh otays."    "What's wrong baby?"  "I nervous.."  "Why baby girl?"  "What if she judges me?"  "Baby girl she won't,  she's a Mommy Dom."  "Weally?"  "Yes really."  "Oh otays!" She smiled.   "Ashleigh is on her way she'll be here in like five minutes."  "Yay Otay!"  "Are you happy to see her?"  "Uh huh!"  "But baby you've never even met her."   She then started crying, realizing that she hadn't met her yet.  "Shhhhhh baby your ok. When she gets here I'll stay here for a few minutes then I'll leave. I promise she'll be fun, you'll be safe with her baby. I promise."

                       Aurora's POV

"Hey Richard."  "Hey Ashleigh. This is Aurora. Baby girl can you say hi?" "H..hi."  "She's scared."  "I know. But Aurora I promise we'll have fun. Come here."  She said taking me out of Daddy's arms.  "DADDY!!!!"  I cried.   He quickly grabbed me back. "Baby it's ok. Shhhhh you're ok."  "Daddy don't go."  "Baby girl I think it's time for your nap."  "Daddy I already took a nap."  "But baby girl you're getting cranky and daddy doesnt like cranky little girls."  "Otay I go take a nap." "Ok baby girl." "Otay."

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