XIII.you got me good

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I used to like liquor
To get me inspired.
But you look so beautiful,
My new supplier.
I used to like smoking
To stop all the thinking.
But I found a
different buzz.

"Wow, I think this is like, what? My first detention ever." I grinned.
"Congratulations, Strawberry." He smiled.

"There's that name i'be been dying to hear!" I jumped up.

"What, Strawberry?" He teased,smiling.
"What do you have next? Bio?" I asked.
"Yep." He smiled and we trudged off to class.


It was actually a test that day, and quite frankly,everyone else but the two of us had remembered.

We were all put in cubicles as Sweet Pea's was next to mine. He started writing on my paper.

"hi :)"




I was pissed because Sweet Pea wrote in pen. I elbowed him in the rib as he let out a groan. "Everything's Mrs.C." I smiled. "He just hit himself on the desk."

Thankfully she had believed me. And I grabbed a new sheet of paper. Once I finished, I stood to get up by Sweet Pea ushered me back down. "She said we're bringing them home, don't bother."


"That was the last time I think I'm ever gonna be cute with you again." He puffed.

"Sweet Pea you wrote on a fucking college test,FOR FUN."

Toni,Jughead,Fangs, and Tara, watched in amusement as we bickered.
"You two are 4 year olds." Tara chuckled.

"Nah, I'm 4... and a half." He joked.
"Don't you mean negative four and a half?" I asked trying to be smart and Jughead shut me down.
"Actually That would be, pre-fetus."

"OKAY JUGHEAD, WE GET IT YOUR SMART." I crossed my arms.

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