XII. when is the next time were gonna skip class.

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Oh I'm an animal
Hand me the tramadol
Give me the juice
Your are my citadel
Your are my wishing well,
My baby blue.

You got me good

"Where are we going then, madam?" Sweet pea joked, following me to the parking lot.

"That my friend, is a surprise." I smirked getting into my car. In which Sweet Pea hesitantly took the passengers side.

"Do you even know how to drive?" He asked."You'll see." I grinned hitting the engine and driving to the retro diner.

I parked my car right in front of the dinner and opened the door, locking the car as we walked out.

"Second day, and you're already making me get detention." He sighed jokingly. I nudged him.


"You looked very tense when I was driving." I smirked sipping my strawberry milkshake.

"Well, you did turn the left turn signal on when you were turning right." He spoke, I rolled my eyes.

"A good song was playing!" I argued.
"What's up with you? How's your experience at Riverdale high going?"

"Well,serpent jackets are banned."
He huffed.
"Mantle blamed is for some stupid shit."

"Fuck him. Let's talk about good things like, when the next time we're gonna skip class is?" I smirked, twirling my straw.


Jughead showed up the next day at school, wearing a serpent jacket.

"Oh fuck." I murmured as I grabbed Sweet Pea shoulder.

"What's up guys?" He asked casually.
"Take it off." Reggie began.
"Reggie shut the hell up." I slowly stood up, along with the other serpents.
"Take the Jacket off rat boy."

"Oh Reggie, you don't know what this jacket means, because you have no sense of honor,or history,or loyalty."

Reggie lunged towards jughead but I blocked him.
I grabbed him by his hair, and kicked him in the gut multiple times.

I watched Archie and Veronica watch in disbelief.
Soon a fight broke out.

Veronica ended up snitching.and soon all of us ended up in Weatherbee's office.
I placed my hand on Sweet Pea's leg.

"Detention,for fighting. And 2 day for the two of you, skipping 6 classes yesterday." He demanded.

Everyone looked at me and him, then my hand. I could tell it was pissing Reggie off so I leaned my head against Sweet Pea, Reggie literally turned red.

At this point. Sweet Pea noticed as-well and placed his hand in my thigh too.
Reggie was beyond fuming, as me and Sweet Pea smirked at each other.

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