Bonus Chapter ~ I

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I wanted to finish this book without going any further but I decided to write some more. *I am quite unpredictable.*

I am not sure if I'll add some more bonus chapters or not. But, let the time and your love for my book (and for me ;) )to decide this.

The book has crossed 3.9M+ views, which I never thought at the first place when I started writing this. All those people who were supporting the book when I had just started it...I just want to Thank you guys for all the love you spent on my book and the motivating messages that you sent me until now and are still doing. Thank you.

Thank you very much.

Let's get started now.


Ariana's POV:

I dipped my face in the soft covers of my pillows while tried to make my last sleep vanish in air. I am lying on my stomach and gathering all the courage to stay awake.

'MOMMY!', I sighed feeling tired to even bring myself down from this bed.

'Xavier...', I tried to make some words but was only able to call his name.

I shifted my head to the left to find Xavier because I didn't get any response for my efforts.

He is sleeping totally unaware of the shouting. All the messy hairs over his head and the small 'o' with his lips make him look legit adorable.

I rubbed my eyes and decided to pull my lazy ass from this bed. I put on my night gown to cover my short night dress inside it.

I covered Xavier with the blanket upto his chest. I raised my fingers to his hair to have a good look of his face and placed a small peck of kiss to his right cheek.

I rolled my hair in a messy bun and unlocked the room to go outside to check over our children who must have started fighting as soon as they have opened their eyes.

I turned the doorknob and peeked slightly inside the room before getting into their dangerous territory.

I remember when Xavier entered without any warning and was welcomed with the vegetable juice on his business suit with a complimentary pillow on his face.

I peeked to find Anna and James throwing pillows while shouting at each other. And, Harry has his eyes closed and his ears blocked with his little fingers.

I opened the door to get some attention with a fake cough which didn't work quite good.

'Mommy, they are fighting again.', Harry complained with his barely opened eyes due to the lack of sleep.

I bend down to take him in my arms and patted his back while he wrapped his hands around my neck. He kept his face on my shoulder.
I guess, he wants to sleep for a while.

'What happened?', I asked looking at the two culprits who are looking at each other with a death stare.

'He snatched my favorite bunny pillow.', Anna complained and showed her pouted lips to hint me to take her side.

'She messed with my notebook.', James defended.

'You threw water all over my face.', She came back with the defense.

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