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School had just finished and I promised Taehyung I would meet him at his lockers after class.
I got out of my last classroom with a big headache and no phone.
God the way Jungkook was this morning just makes me want to replay my whole life over again and wish I had never bumped into that jerk.
Ive known Taehyung my whole life, sure once 8th grade came he made more friends, then once high school started he got more mature looking and he was considered one of the hottest guys in our school, but I don't know why he'd be friends with someone like Jungkook.
He is so arrogant, cocky, and prideful.
He knows he's good looking and just lets everything go his way.
Why is Tae even friends with him?

As I walked down the hall, I can already see Taehyung standing with his group of friends around him. He stood there laughing hysterically by them as they joked.
But there on the side of all of them, stood Jungkook with a girl wrapped around his shoulder. Ugh.
He's disgusting. Did I forget to mention he has a new chick by his side every week. Man I wonder how many times he has sex. He makes himself look like a God for having so many girls, and every girl would kill to be the next one in line.  I feel sorry for all the girls who dress themselves and throw themselves at him. I feel more sorry for myself having to be embarrassed by him this morning.
I took all the courage to ignore his presence there and walk nonchalantly to the rest of the boys.
As I walked closer, Jungkook took a quick glace my way then making me his total focus. All the boys looked at me and yelled my name with such hype.
"(Y/N)!" Taehyung said and grabbed my arm, pulling me to his side and cuffing a hand around my shoulder.
The boys starred at us and began talking and telling stupid jokes about their teachers and planning parties for the weekend.
While standing there, I can feel Jungkook's eyes burning holes into me. Why was he starring so damn much?

I began walking forward, looking bac at the boy to which Tae's eyes looked like a hurt child.
"I'll see you guys later. I have to go to detention" They whined as they shifted their eyes to Jungkook.
"Jungkook why'd you have to be such a dick?" Yoongi whined, throwing his water bottle at him. Jungkook never said anything. Just a slight smirk rising on his face.
"Well see you guys" I started walking away, before hearing tae's voice screech in the halls.
"Bye (Y/N), call me later, okay?" I turned around, laughing and looking at his box smile.
"Okay, will do" I turned back around, ignoring the fact that even though I don't have my phone, he still manages to throw some shade at me.


I waited outside the detention room. I can see the teacher in there, working on some papers. A boring white classroom that is too big for just 2 students.
As I stood there, I felt a warm shifting presence stand behind me. It was much too close. too close.
I wanted to turn around but I knew who it was. I knew the ass hole who stood behind me.
"You know, t's pretty noticeable that you and Taehyung have kind of a thing." His voice spoke bluntly and surprising. I took a quick snap around, crossing my arms, arching my eyebrows down.
"What do you mean? there's nothing between us, were just best friends" I spoke loudly as I snapped at him. I hardly spoke with an attitude but this kid can make me yell at the gods without thinking of punishment. I turned back around, looking down to my feet.
"Oh, that just makes things better for me" I turned to him and he looked at me with such lust, such desire. His small dimples popped out from his smirk.

Before my mouth can process words, the classroom door was pushed open and the teacher starred at us, before rolling his eyes and motioning his hand to make us go in.
Me and Jungkook sat at the front of the classroom that was closest to the teachers table.

"Okay well I'm gonna go to a meeting. You guys stay in here and I'll be back in half an hour" with those words, he closed the classroom door, leaving a quiet atmosphere between me and Jungkook to sit in.
Jungkook reached in his back pocket, lounging himself in his desk. I huffed in anger because I don't have a phone anymore.
He looked at me and chuckled. lifting himself from his desk, he walked over slowly to the teachers desk and stood on it, looking straight at me.
"What?" I asked, confused and shy by the way he stood there not saying anything, just mesmerized by me.
"You know you're so hot (Y/n)" Jungkook arched a brow at me, tilting his head.
I sat there in disbelief. was Jungkook really saying this to me?
"Even when you're hot, I'm actually kind of jealous Tae has you all to himself" he stood up, now walking closer to me.
"Trust me, it's nothing like that." I chuckled, looking at my fingers as they danced nervously.
I looked up at Jungkook as he stood right in front of my desk.
"And you think I should believe that? If you ask me, it looks like yall are in love" he mocked, increasing his voice playfully.
"Why do you care anyways? You're the one who has every girl sitting on your dick" I stood up from the desk, looking straight into his eyes.
"Ouch, that hurt!" he said sarcastically, laughing as he walked even closer to me.
"But your right, I do have every girl, doesn't mean I like them or want them" He grinned proudly.
"Ugh you're unbelievable" I rolled my eyes, crossing my arms over my chest.
"Oh please, don't act like I've never noticed you look at me" He now stood directly in front of me, so close I can smell his cologne. I gulped at how he stood above me that made me feel weak.
"You wish" I tried to sound confident. "I know" with those words, he grabbed my wrist and pulled me into his chest, making me look up at him.
"I know you want me as much as I want you (Y/n)" he whispered slowly into my ear, his warm breathe sending chills down my spine.
My breathed hitched at the sudden closeness. His warm touch making me shiver.
"why don't you show me then" I looked up at him as those words came out.
"Show me how you want me then Jungkook". his eyes widened and for a second I saw lust over power him and he smirked.
He pulled me up and sat me on the teachers desk. He walked away for a quick second only to lock the door.
He walked back to me, throwing his school blazer to the floor.
And just like that his hungry lips attacked mine.
The kiss was ruthless and rough. All I could want for in a kiss.
He snuck his hand behind my neck and pulled my head back, attacking my neck with peppered kisses. so soft yet rough. He made kisses down my jaw, to my collar bone.
He stopped at my shirt. Pulling my blazer down my shoulders and unbuttoning my white shirt, revealing my black lace bra.
He looked at my chest with such hunger. he licked his lips and attacked my breasts. Man this boy is an animal. explains why girls always want him.
He filled my body with such pleasure and I felt so weak to his touches.
Soon both our clothes were thrown everywhere in the room and there me and Jungkook were, naked and admiring each others presence.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" He asked, looking at me with concerned eyes the sunk right into mines. warming my paper heart that can ripe so easily to his soft face.
"yes now hurry" I pulled his body closer to mine but he pushed back a little.
"No I'm serious, I don't want to hurt you" his eyes grew big as he looked at our position.
"Yes, you're acting like I've never done this before" with those words he looked straight up at me with a surprised look.
"Wow, you really aren't that innocent" he smirked, looking at my lips.
"What don't tell me you're a virgin" I smiled as I hooked my arms around his neck, pulling  to my body.
He laughed, a pure and warm laugh.
"Remember you asked for this" he finally entered into me, making me gasp at how big he truly was. the pleasure was unbearable to where I was shaking in his control.
Every thrust hit a spot in me to where I lost myself in euphoria.

His grunts and groans filled the room. so beautiful.
"Fuck (y/n) you're so tight, you don't know how beautiful you look right now" he spoke into my ear and kept hitting my g spot. I moaned loudly as the whole time he kept making me feel good by whispering dirty things in my ear and switching to many positions.
i started feeling myself becoming close and I clenched around him, soon feeling my high and coming undone on him. But he didn't stop, he kept going as I rode out my orgasm, still sensitive to my first one.
Soon he came after and he was about to collapse but I hugged him tight, holding his body close to mine so he can stand up.
The room filled with heavy breathing and panting.
Jungkook pulled away, cleaning the dripping mess from my legs with a tissue paper that were on the table.
He dressed himself, passing all my clothe that were scattered on the floor to me.
We dressed ourselves and sat back in our spot. We were quiet and suddenly I felt insecure to know that Jungkook has no seen all of me. though it was quick, the sex was amazing.

The teacher came back in and told us we were able to go.
Quickly, I ran out the door. I felt more embarrassed to just walk out alone knowing I just had sex with Jungkook in a classroom.
As I was already in the middle of the hallway, I felt someone pull my arm, making me turn around and face a smirking Jungkook. I was pulled into his chest. his eyes looked down to me and I looked up at him with innocent eyes.
"I just want to let you know, I'm sorry for this morning" I looked down at my palms that laid on his chest.
"And just so you know, Taehyung is missing out" with that, he kissed my cheeks, walking away and leaving me burning and blushing in the middle of the hallway.
I wanted to walk away and forget about the whole day, but instead I stood there, worshiping the kiss I had received from him.
All his kisses.
God what am I getting myself into?

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