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Fallon, Sweet Pea, Jughead, and Fangs were walking through Sunnyside after school when Jughead stopped dead, seeing Sheriff Keller on his front door step.

"Sheriff Keller, we have to stop meeting like this." Jughead said as he and his friends walked towards the officer.

"Where's your dad at?" The sheriff asked, and Jughead let out a huff.

"Had a shift at Pop's. Why?"

Fallon looked over the Sheriff's shoulder and her eyes widened.

"It's an eviction notice." She said barely above a whisper, and Keller sighed. "Yeah. You, Jughead, his dad, pretty much everyone in this place, you all got to clear out."

Horrified and angry gasps came from all sides as Fallon's heart wedged itself into her throat. She was on the brink of losing her home again.

"What? Don't tell me this is because of that statue...for the millionth time, Sheriff, we did not decapitate General Pickens. And you can't use that as some trumped-up excuse to try and evict all of us." Jughead barked, and Keller looked like he was either about to cry or pass out.

"Look, I'm just the messenger, all right? This order comes down from the mayor's Office. Apparently, there's a lot of back rent owed here. You have 14 days to vacate. Then perhaps while you're packing, you might come across that head. Calm the waters a little."


The air in the Wyrm was volcanic, Serpents yelling and talking everywhere, Fallon holding onto Sweet Pea's bicep like a life preserver.

"It's gonna be okay, Blue Eyes." He said against her hair. "It's gonna be okay. You and me are gonna stick together, Fangs, Topaz, and Jones too. I promise. We'll stick together."

"I'm just worried, Sweets. Where will we go?" She sighed, and his hand wrapped around hers, squeezing it gently.

"We'll figure something out." He said, and all eyes turned to FP as the King spoke up.

"We all got the eviction notices, but I swear to you no one is goin' anywhere. But the heat's been on us since Pickens Day and they're using that damn statue as an excuse to turn it up. But if we're gonna fix this, I gotta ask: Is anyone in this room responsible for cutting off Pickens' head?" He called, and Tall Boy let out a jeering laugh.

"Why don't you ask your son what he has to say?"

Fallon felt anger rise in her as Jughead whipped around, fury on his face.

"What is your problem with me, Tall Boy?" He hissed, and Tall Boy smirked.

"You wrote the article that started this mess. You and your posse fired the opening shot at Pickens Day."

"It was a peaceful protest, Turncoat." Fallon shot, her glare at the man lethal.

"That accomplished nothing, little girl. So what's to say that you and your boyfriend didn't go back that night with a ladder and hacksaw?" Tall Boy spat at her, and Sweet Pea leapt to his feet, chest heaving with anger.

"Hey! We didn't do it." He yelled, and Jughead spoke again. "Hell, Tall Boy, you're the tallest guy in this room. You wouldn't even need a ladder."

"Jughead, Fallon, Tall Boy, the last thing we need right now is to turn on each other. Hey, We'll find a way out of this." FP snapped, shoving his way in between them. Jughead glared at Tall Boy before walking to sit by his friends, Fallon patting his back sympathetically with one hand and gripping Sweet Pea's arm with the other.

The Serpents were on the fast track to implosion, and she knew she had to do something.


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