Chapter 2

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Your POV

"Wow, these seats are surprisingly comfortable!"

I humbly looked at my beautiful girlfriend. Unconsciously, I let out a tiny smirk. Billie is so goofy sometimes, it's like it's impossible to get her to be serious. She was playing with the little table attached to the seat in front of her.

"Hm.. where should we go after we arrive? Shopping or just taking a walk through Hyde Park?" I asked, trying to get her attention. She spent so much time planning this tour, London would be our first stop. I just wanted to make sure she would have a good time after all these weeks of planning. Deep inside I knew she'd choose shopping, so I decided to use the word to trigger her attention.

"I don't even know," okay, that surprised me. She was supposed to scream something about Selfridges and check the online catalogs already, but she was seriously choosing, "I wanna go buy shit but I also wanna, you know, just... chill, I guess."

"Sure, whatever you want babes," I replied, trying to connect to the plane WiFi. Shit. It's not working. I wanted to watch something on Netflix, but I guess now I'll have to just sleep through the flight.

"Hey, I know, you can't sleep on airplanes and you want to watch a movie, I know," said Billie, carefully taking my hand into hers, "but i'm here, you can sleep on my shoulder if you want to. I even allow you to have a dirty dream about me."

Ugh that smirk she makes... that just drives me crazy. But I still decided to try and fall asleep, resting my head on the warm and soft fabric of her hoodie. Twelve hours of sleeping. Why was I blesses with such a "gift?"?


"Wake up bish!!"

I heard someone screaming above my face. Dear God, Billie, did you really have to wake me up like this? No cute whispers in my ear? No cute shoulder rubs? Just yelling at me at the top of your lungs? No wonder you have such a musical voice.


"Billie shut up! I'm up already, also, are we still on the plane?"

I looked around to see dozens of people staring at us. All because someone doesn't know how to speak at a normal volume.

"What are y'all looking at?" She turned to ask the crowd. Great, Bil, more attention, just what we need.

"You can chill now," I said, kissing her cheek, "did we land already?"

"I'm pretty sure we did," she answered, looking out the window, "yeah, we did."

Wow. We're already in London. However, I was more surprised by the fact that I slept through the whole flight.
Anyways, we need to get off now...

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