chapter 7

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I woke up and looked to my right  Lucas is sitting in the chair next to my bed. "Lucas." I said but he didn't respond. "Hello?" I sat up and looked down at my hands they were see threw. I Looked over at myself still laying in bed. Wait, am I dead?! I still hear beeping on my heart monitor  so i cant be dead. This is wired what the hell is happening!


"How is he?" I heard my mom ask. "Still sleeping." I looked over at Beck. "Why did you do this?" I asked knowing i wouldn't get an answer. "Maybe he is not telling you something or he just was scared of all the new changes since he woke up. I'm so worried about him Lucas." My mom may have not been the best one but I know she cares about us. "Its alright mom he will make it. Back is strong." I stood up giving my mom a hug. everything is okay right?


"I'm here, see I'm fine!" I said in a panic. "Why cant you hear me! Lucas!" I yelled. His head popped up and he looked around. "What?" I heard my mom say. "Nothing I thought I heard something, must have been the monitor." He looked down at me. "Um, mom can you go get me some hot coco I don't want to leave him in here." He told her. "Sure." After she left the room I heard Lucas's voice. "Back, are you in here?" He asked. "Yes! Fucking Yes! I just been trying to get to get you to notice me." I almost screamed. When I did the lights turned off for only a second and then turned back on. "Whoa, easy." He said putting his hands up. "Can you hear me?" I didn't get an answer so i threw bottle across the room. He walked closer to the me who was laying on the bed. "I'm gonna get you back I don't know how but I'll find away." he whispered and placed a kiss on my forehead. a tiny aw slipped from my lips and Lucas smiled as tears fell down his face. "I promise." he sat down and I just walked up to him and sat on the floor. "How in the hell am I going to get back in my body?" I asked myself.


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