Part Two: Chapter Sixteen (Mon Pére)

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Nightmares of the scene replayed in my head over and over, until I finally screamed myself awake, waking Alucard in the process. I made myself get out of bed and start walking around. Sitting around wasn't doing anything for me. I burst through the bedroom door, finding four people come through the main entrance.

One of them was my father.

At the time, I didn't really think about what would happen if he found Magna here, but a look in Michael's eyes said he had taken care of it.

I only bolted to my father, and wrapped my arms around him, and the emotions hit me again.

"Shit, Princess...!" He hugged me right back. "I'm so sorry it played out this way..." I just held onto him and cried for all I had in me.

Eventually, Kinsey woke up and was looking for me.

"Grandpa!" She ran for him and jumped into his arms. It took him awhile to come around when she was younger, but I shouldn't have ever said no to him spending time with her.

"Hi, Kinsey!" He picked her up and spun her around. I sat on the couch, just watching with puffy red eyes. While they caught up, Alucard sat beside me and pulled me to his chest.

"Are you okay?" He asked, brushing my hair out of my face. I nodded, despite feeling like shit. "Do you want something to drink?" I shook my head. Right now, I just needed something to clear my head.

"How long are you staying?" I asked my dad, hoping it would be a couple days at least.

"Just two days. Today and tomorrow. My flight leaves at 2 am. I just came with some things that were left behind." He handed me an entire suitcase full of items. Leftover clothes, Shadow's stash of cash, and my old engagement ring to him. "That's the cash for the house, what was left in the safe and his last run with us, and... the ring is yours to do with." The white gold and heart-cut ruby sparkled in the light. I closed it in my hand, and closed my eyes for a moment.

"I'll give it to Kinsey... She deserves something to remember him by, even though I hated him after everything he did, he was still a father to her." I said quietly, staring at the ring. "Am I... am I ever allowed to visit?" I asked, not pressing any buttons on purpose.

"Of course you are, Kels. You're never not allowed back on my turf. You're still a part of them as much as you are a part of this table... and I'm proud of you, First Lady." It got a smile to come on my face. "And you, mister..." He waggled a Finger at Alucard, and spoke Fluent Spanish, "If I find out you hurt her, I'm coming after you." Alucard lifted his hands.

"No intentions, sir." I pat his chest.

"And I expect-"

"Dad." I cut him off with 'The Look.'

"Just know that I will protect Kinsey as much as my own daughter."

"I love Kinsey as if she were my own. Though, she's too smart for her own good sometimes." My dad laughed because he did know. They talked while I found one of my old chains, and hooked the ring on it, and went over to Kinsey.

"I know, I haven't told you... but Daddy isn't around anymore. But, I want you to have this, just as a reminder." Her face turned down, tears threatening her eyes. "He loved you, Kinsey... and I only do what is best for you... This is the ring that he proposed to me with... I want you to keep it safe, so he'll be with you. Always." I put it over her head, and let it dangle from her neck.

"But he hurt you..." I put a finger over her lips to keep her from babbling.

"But he loved you. That's all that mattered. He. Loved. You. I might not have been right for him, but he loved you with all of his heart. You don't worry about me, okay?" A tear slipped down her cheek but she nodded. I kissed her forehead before sitting back down with Alucard. I choked down my own pride. "Would you like to spend the day with Grandpa tomorrow?" My dad's face lit up, almost dropping his jaw.

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