Chapter 24: Andrew

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I awoke the next morning with a splitting headache.

Ugh, I never did learn not to drink so much when I was at a party.

I held my head as I sat up in bed.

My clothes were scattered everywhere, and I only partly remembered taking them off.

There was a light knock on the bedroom door, but it boomed in my ears.

"Come in." I groaned, holding my head.

"My, my, still can't handle your alcohol, can you?" Matilde teased.

I smiled, shaking my head.

Matilde, though she was a sweet old lady, she was known for drinking any man under the table. She and my dad often got into drinking contests and he never won a single game.

"I have your breakfast downstairs and orange juice. Go get showered and dressed."

She also didn't get hangovers, in the event that you were at all wondering. But she sure did know how to sure them.

I battled my throbbing headache on the way to the shower.

The cold water woke me up, but all I wanted was to pass out on my bed. After drying off and getting dressed, I walked down to the kitchen where the newlyweds were enjoying breakfast.

I raised a brow at them, sliding onto a stool.

"I would have figured you would be out on your honeymoon." I said, taking the two aspirin that were sitting beside my glass of orange juice.

"The plan leaved tonight, but we wanted to thank you for everything that yo have done for this wedding." Felicia said, reaching over to grab my hand.

"Anything for my little sister." I replied, offering them a pained smile. "and I expect that you will take care of my girl." I said to Elias.

"Of course," he smiled at her, reaching over to kiss her cheek.

Off in the distance I heard a cry. I looked through the kitchen window spotting Elisa running towards the house. She was screaming out my name.

I slid off the stool towards the kitchen door.

Panic was written all over her face.

"They're here." she panted.

"Who's here?" I asked.

"Steel's men, it's happening. They're coming for you." 

I gripped her shoulders, whirling around. 

"Elias, protect Felicia. Elisa, you go grab your sister and meet me here immediately." I ordered, running to the fuse box.

I hit the alarm that rang through the whole house.

It signaled the arrival of the enemy.

As I turned around, Elisa was already there with Emilia in her arms. Elias and Felicia were already gone and I only prayed that it meant they were that much closer to safety.

I took Elisa by the hand and led her to my car. They piled into the backseat as I took off for Baker's plantation.

As I busted through the fence, I could tell that a frenzy was already taking place at this foundation.

My siren could be heard for miles around and it was only my hope that he had gotten his family to safety.

It was only until I pulled up in front of his house that I remembered that becky was still down in my basement.

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