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This chapter has media in it. If you don't have WiFi, don't worry about it. You wont be missing out on too much (other than visuals) because I'll include descriptions of what's in the media in the dialogue and/or text. Buttttt for those of you who DO have access to WiFi, you're in for a treat! We get to look at someone's social media today! The good ol' internet stalking routine ;). I created all the pictures of Thayer's profile you're about to see. They may not be phenomenal, but I think they represent Thayer's profile really well. I hope you enjoy this chapter! 


I SAT ACROSS FROM ELIZABETH QUIETLY as she stared at her phone intently scrolling through her Peeper newsfeed. We were sitting at my favorite restaurant downtown waiting for Kalama to show up.

It was a small, fifties-themed diner with black and white checkered floor tiles, red seats and white tabletops. There was a nonworking—just for decor—jukebox in front of the bar counter and a neon light fixture above the window splitting the kitchen and the dining floor.

Jill's Fifties Diner was one of my favorite places to eat because it served over sixty flavors of thick, creamy, mouth-watering milkshakes. Ever since freshman year, it was a goal of mine to try every single flavor of shake they had to offer. In those three years, though, I only tried four of the flavors.

Don't get me wrong, I really wanted to accomplish the goal I set for myself, but I couldn't resist the call of the chocolate chip cookie dough milkshake, or the chocolate covered strawberry one.

I was not one to refuse a good chocolate flavored shake.

Another great thing about the diner was its location. I could literally see the discount movie theater from where I was sitting. It was a short walk from the cinema, which was perfect for me because it made for a phenomenal pre-movie dining experience, and I went to the movies a lot.

"Has he texted back yet?" I asked, swirling the straw around my mint chocolate chip milkshake . . . this was not my first time trying it. Beth shook her head to let me know he didn't, her eyes still attached to her phone's screen. I was starting to feel restless without Kalama here. "Could I call him?"

"Don't let me stop you." She licked in between her lips, swiping up on her screen aimlessly.

"Well, I need your phone."

"Why?" Elizabeth's eyes flickered up towards mine.

"Mine died." She hummed in response, looking down at her screen as she clicked a few more buttons. Sighing, she wiped her phone off on the sleeve of her sweatshirt and then handed it to me. "Thank you." I clicked Kal's name immediately, pressing the phone to my ear impatiently.

Beth watched me as she took a sip of her butter pecan shake. That was a flavor I had yet to try. The phone started to ring, my foot tapping in sync to the tone. I knew the call would only ring six times before going to voicemail.

"He's probably driving Arya," Beth remarked, grabbing her menu. She looked down at the starters section, her eyes dilating as she read the options.

"Well, yeah." She was right, but I knew it wouldn't hurt to try.

"We should order appetizers while we wait." She turned the menu towards me, pointing her finger at the bacon and cheese fries. "You know it's my favorite."

His end of the line went to voicemail, so I hung up and handed her the phone back. "Sure," I shrugged. "I want the pretzel though."

"Done deal." She looked towards the bar, hoping to lock eyes with a waitress so she could take our order. "Hey," she smiled at me. "We should look at Thayer's Peeper account while we wait."

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