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"Mmm. You don't speak for the Bulldogs, Andrews. And need I remind you, these greaser-snakes showed up at your place trying to kick your ass."

"Happy to finish what was started." Sweet Pea growled, Fallon placing a hand on his chest, alarm on her face. "Sweet Pea, no." She hissed.

"God, I am so over the toxic masculinity in this hallway right now!" Veronica sighed, and just before things got uglier, Principal Weatherbee showed up.

"All right. That's enough pomp and circumstance. Everyone, let's get to class. Now."

The new kids took their schedules and locker assignments, Sweet Pea still fuming.

"We haven't even been here for ten minutes and I already hate this fucking school." Fallon hissed, Sweet Pea chuckling.

"Yeah, it'll be a miracle if I don't fucking murder Mantle by the end of today." He replied, the pair walking to their first class.


It was midday when the Serpents, lead by Fallon and Betty, walked into the Student Lounge to meet her friends.

"I don't think we've properly met. Veronica Lodge." Veronica said to Toni, and Toni gave her a half smile.

"Of the Park Avenue Lodges." Jughead said with a posh accent, making Fallon snort.

"Toni.Topaz." Toni said, and Veronica gave her a bright smile. "Oh, like the purple-colored gemstone. Love it."

"And I'm Josie McCoy. Formerly of the Pussycats, now just Josie. And this is Kevin." A dark skinned, willowy girl said, gesturing to a boy with dark hair and green eyes.

"What's your name?" He asked Fangs, who was sitting in a wing back chair eating red vines.

"Fogarty. Or you can call me Fangs. Your last name's Keller, right?" Fallon's brother replied, and Kevin looked surprised.

"How did you know that?" He asked, and Fangs grinned. "Joaquin and I used to hang out. He talked about you all the time." That made Kevin blush, and Fallon huffed.

"And you all know Fallon," Betty said, gesturing to her blonde friend, who gave a half smile and an even more half hearted wave.

"Fangs' sister, right?" Archie asked from next to Veronica, and Fallon bumped knuckles with her brother. "That's right. And this is my boyfriend Sweet Pea, whom most of you have met." She said, Sweet Pea forcing a grin which looked more like a grimace.

She was about to say more when Principal Weatherbee burst in, anger in his eyes. "You guys! Yes, you, come with me. Now!" He barked, and everyone followed him into the hallway, where an extremely crude (and very incorrect) Serpent symbol had been spray painted over the Riverdale High seal.

"Which of you defaced our school seal with this graffiti?" He yelled, and from behind him, Reggie Mantle grinned evilly. "This is what they do, Principal Weatherbee. They tag their turf."

"You son of a bitch!" Fallon yowled and launched herself at Reggie, Sweet Pea swiping her backwards effortlessly as Reggie stepped back, eyes wide. "My God, Reggie, could you be anymore transparent?" Veronica sighed exasperatedly.

"Effective immediately, no gang behavior of any kind will be tolerated at my school. As of this moment, no more Serpent jackets." Weatherbee said sternly, and Fallon's stomach dropped.

"What?!" All of the Serpents gasped in unison, and Weatherbee folded his arms. "No more Serpent jackets! All tattoos are gonna be covered. Possession of any gang paraphernalia whatsoever will lead to immediate suspension. Are we clear?"

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