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Fallon, Jughead, and Toni were all sitting on the steps of Southside High after school when the front doors burst open, Fangs and Sweet Pea whooping and play fighting.

Fallon, Jughead, and Toni were all sitting on the steps of Southside High after school when the front doors burst open, Fangs and Sweet Pea whooping and play fighting

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"What's going on?" Jughead asked, and Sweet Pea pulled Fallon to her feet, planting a kiss on her lips.

"This hellhole is officially closed! We're done! No more Southside High!"

"What? How?" Fallon asked incredulously, and Sweet Pea shrugged. "They say it's dangerous and gonna be quarantined. Who cares?"

"We're all going to different schools." Fangs added, and Jughead looked at Toni, very confused. "Wait, this doesn't make sense. Where are you guys going?"

"Same as you, and you, and Blue Eyes, and Fangs. We're going to Riverdale High. Think of all those Northside heads to knock!" Sweet Pea said, a smile on his face as he pretended to knock Fangs out, the gang running to their bikes and starting them up, headed to the Quarry for an afternoon of fun.


The next day, the gang was ready to go and tightly knit, presenting the most united front they could as they entered Riverdale High.

Fallon gripped Sweet Pea's hand tightly as they walked, trying her best to ignore whispers and taunts from the Northside students. Fangs walked tall and defiant on her other side, Toni walking in front of them next to Jughead. Quite a few more South Side kids walked behind them, the Serpents leading them into the school.

"On behalf of the students and faculty here at Riverdale High, welcome to your new school! To ease this transition, I've set up a registration desk where you can get your locker assignments, class schedules, and a list of sports and extracurriculars.
We encourage each and every one of you to drink deeply from the cup that is fair Riverdale." Veronica said, a table laden with schedules and forms in front of her.

"Stand down, Eva Peron!" A voice barked from the top of the stairs, and everyone turned to see Cheryl Blossom leading the River Vixens and half the football team down the stairs.

"There's the school spirit I so fondly remember." Jughead said sarcastically as the redhead marched down the stairs.

"Cheryl. No one invited Fascist Barbie to the party." Veronica said, and Cheryl fixed her with an icy glare as Fallon tightened her grip on Sweet Pea.

"Wrong, Veronica, no one invited Southside scum to our school. Listen up, Ragamuffins. I will not allow Riverdale High's above average GPA to suffer because of classrooms that are overcrowded with underachievers. So please, do us all a favor, and find some other school to debase with your hardscrabble ways." Cheryl snarled at the Serpents, and Toni stepped forward, eyes blazing.

"Why don't you come over here and say that to my face?" She hissed at Cheryl, and Cheryl smirked. "Happily, Queen of the Buskers."

"Okay Guys, everyone, can we just put our Northside-Southside differences apart and start over? A new slate?" Archie called, and Reggie Mantle stepped forward to stand next to Cheryl.

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