Chapter 23: Andrew

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The countless glasses of wine and bottle of beer were finally starting to sink into my blood and rush through my whole body.

It pleased my heart that Felicia had finally married the love of her life. For so long, they had felt the deepest of feeling for each other, but neither of them said anything for fear that the other would not reciprocate. 

They were sitting together inside the gazebo where Christmas lights had been strung.

I picked up my wine glass and gracefully stumbled into the house.

Laughter and chatter could be heard all over, and I was so proud to have thrown such a lavish night for my sister and my best friend.

The staff was sitting in the kitchen having dinner.

Guadalupe and Matilde smiled at me as I entered the kitchen on wobbly legs.

"Too much to drink?" Matilde asked.

"A little." I laughed, settling on a stool.

My body swayed to the side, but one of the house boys pushed me body back onto the stool.

My eyes glazed over to where Elisa was making sure that Emilia was eating.

"Could I have the room, please? I would like to speak to Elisa, alone."

Elisa turned to face me, surprise was etched on her face.

There was a brief moment of awkward shuffling before everyone cleared out.

Elisa sat across the island from me, making and breaking eye contact.

"Are you having fun?" she asked.

"I am. I'm very happy for my sister and Elias." I slurred in response.

"I am too. They seem perfect for each other." 

"It's funny how you meet the perfect one. Whether it be in your childhood or somewhere else."

Elisa nodded, picking up her fork.

"When I first saw you, I could see in your eyes that you were a fighter. I knew I did well in making sure my bid was the highest for you." I said.

"Thank you, I appreciate you saving me from what would have been certain misery." she replied.

"Have you been happy here?"

"Yes, I have. Surprisingly."

"Why surprisingly? Have we not treated you with respect and given you everything you need?" I asked.

"Yes, but I mean, considering the circumstances, that my parents are missing and I am separated from my brother."

I took a drink from my wine glass.

"Yes, I see. But I'm glad that you're here, Elisa. Felicia and I are very pleased that you and your little sister have entered our lives."

"Thank you, Andrew."

I felt my heart beginning to beat rapidly.

"I can't help but to admit that I have grown accustomed to you. I look forward to our interactions."

Despite my inebriated state, I was aware of just what I was saying.

"I appreciate all that you have done. I am indebted to you." she said.

"No," I shook my head. "You're not. I did what any good man would have done. You didn't deserve to suffer at the hands of that man."

"I thank you for protecting me and my sister."

I nodded, finishing what was left of my wine.

"Elisa..." I trailed off as the alcohol continues to course through my veins.

"I should get you to bed, you don't look so good." She said, sliding off her stool to come over to my side.

Though she was smaller than I was, she managed to balance my weight with hers and helped me get up the stairs. I'm not quite sure how she had the ability to get me up to my room, but soon I was sprawled on my bed.

I sat up as she took off my shoes and socks. 

"You'll have to take care of the rest yourself." she said, standing in the only light being brought in from the hallway.

I sat up, holding my head as the room began to spin.

"Elisa," I called.

"Yes, Andrew?"

"I've come to think of you as more than just a girl I saved from the auction block. I value you presence in this house and in my life."

"Andrew, stop, you're drunk."

"No, no." I was, but what I was saying was true.

"Goodnight, Andrew."

She closed the bedroom door leaving me in darkness.

She closed the bedroom door leaving me in darkness

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