«But you wont.» I replied.

My hand left his torso, and slid up against his cheek, cupping his face. It felt like I was doing something dangerous, something utterly reckless, like I was petting a panther through the bars at the zoo. It felt like I was petting an untamed beast, one that could maul me at any given time. No bars separated me from the deadly creature lounging on top of me. He closed his eyes, and rubbed his cheek against the palm of my hand. My heart fluttered at the sight.

«Wont I?» He breathed, his hot lips brushing against the soft skin at the base of my thumb.

«No, you wont.» I sounded so sure of myself, so sure of him, maybe to sure.

He opened his eyes. His dark lustfilled pools captured my eyes.

«You know love. Im a man, one not even close to being a saint. I might just be at my limit.» His voice husky, as he continued to rub himself against the palm of my outstretched hand.

«Have you reached your limit?» I bit my bottom lip, as I stared up at the sinful creature above me.

The corner of his lips turned up at the ends, mirth sparkled in his dark pools, as he trailed one finger down along the bridge of my nose, a gentle caress.

«Sadly no.» He shook his head from side to side, his cheek sliding against my palm.

I dont know what came over me. Maybe his sudden candor, or the sparkle in his eyes? Whatever it was, it tugged at my heart, and for a brief moment I found myself not hating the ruthless man before me. Wonderment filled my eyes as I stared up at him. I leaned forward, his finger on my nose fell away. My eyes searched his cinnamon orbs as I inched closer. He froze against me, I could swear I heard him stop breathing altogether. My lips pressed softly against his for a split second before I pulled slightly back.

«What was that for?» He murmured against my lips, as if he was afraid that any loud sounds might scare me further away.

«A thank you.» I replied, my breath mingling with his. Our eyes still searching eachother.

«For what?» His eyes lowered to my lips, feasting on them.

«For stopping.» The words had barly left my lips before he whispered. «Do it again.» His dark eyes still locked onto my lips.

The look in his eyes made my stomach warm, the fuzzy feeling filling up my insides. He held his breath again as I leaned forward, my eyes slid down to roam over his sensual waiting lips. I pressed my lips against his again, slowly planting several brief butterfly kisses on him. My lips nipped at his soft skin. He made no move to take controll of the kiss, no move to force his advances on me. He was eerily still above me, as if afraid to break the spell, to ruin the moment. I moved my lips slowly against his. My heart thumped hard in my chest, filling my chest up with each new beat. I broke the kiss, and lay back down against the matress. He stared down at me. An unreadable expression on his handsome face.

«Can I kiss you back?» He didnt move an inch as he waited for my reply, he didnt even breathe.

My mind felt so blank, I couldnt for the life of me think of a single reason to deny him, although there was a million reasons why I should do just that.

«I.... ummm... Yes..» I hesitated. My uncertain eyes searched his dark ones, as he bent his head slowly down towards me.

His lips brushed against mine, soft, sweet. His fingers intertwined themselves in my hair, as his lush lips gently caressed mine. It was a kiss without passion, without lust. It was instead filled with warmth, tenderness, wonderment, and something else I couldnt quite put my finger on. A kiss so unlike the others which he had forced upon me. The soft brush of his lips explored my own lips in the sweetest way, as he gently nipped against them. So nice, it felt so nice. I released small sigh, my lips slightly parted. He carefully nipped at the right corner of my mouth with his lips. His mouth on mine was like heaven. I was filled to the brim with fuzzy warmth as he pulled away from me. A content smile played on his lips, his eyes glowing with warmth.

I couldnt do anything but stare up into his warm eyes, I almost forgot to breathe as I took him in.

«Ill go and make us some light dinner, and bring it up here.» His fingers left my hair, the tips sliding up across my cheek as they left me.

I just nodded my head in response. I found myself unable speak, to confused to form a single word. I had just kissed him, kissed the monster holding me captive, and enjoyed it. I had enjoyed the touch of him, and not in the shamefull, lustfilled way I had before. Because I had to admit to myself that a small twisted part of me had enjoyed his previous kisses, the forced ones. Enjoyed them as they frighted me with their terrible pleasure. His ruthless, sexual advances had always scared me more than they delighted me. He could easily make my body to comply to him if he wanted. He could easily force my paniced mind to sit in the backseat, as he made my body crash against his own. But this time it was different. It wasnt forced, it was soft, sweet, caring. The sweet kiss had for a split second made my heart yearn for him, beat for him, want him.

The soft fluffy feeling in my stomach was suddenly replaced by something else, by something cold, by a strong sense of wrong. It filled me, made me sick. I stared after him as he left the room, clad in just the white towel, as he went to make us dinner.

I closed my eyes. Squeezed them shut, as I lay there soaking in my own missery. The palms of my hands pressed against my forehead. My soul was shaken, shaken all the way to the core. The sweet innocent kiss, volunteered by me, had unravled me more than the mindless desire he had previously forced upon me. The kiss had for the tiniest moment made me want him. Him, not his body, not the sinful pleasure it promised, just him, just Bryan.

God, what have I done!

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