Sweet damnation

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He liberated me from his warm embrace, pressed his hand firmly against my shoulder, and pushed, my back hit the soft welcoming matrass beneath me.

My eyes took in his nearly naked form. Stared at the shaddows playing around the clear-cut muscles on his toned chest, at how they danced as he moved. I sucked in a breath of air at the glorious sight before me. The sight of him never stopped to amaze me. His body was created to kill, to damage, to break. The mouth watering, raw, sexual promise of it was merely a by-product of the original intention. Suddenly I realized that the the gracefull movement I was mindlessly observing was comming closer, and closer.  My eyes widened in panic as he started to crawl on top og me, resting his large form over my own trembling one. Only the fuzzy white towels separated our naked flesh, as he pressed himself against me.

«W..What are you doing» I stammered as I pressed the palm of my hands against his bare torso, fiercely trying to push him off of me, despite knowing that it would be a fruitless endeavor. Dread sieved into my abdomen, cradling me in its icy unforgiving claws.

«Isnt it painfully obvious. I am taking advantage of you love.» He purred against my ear. His sinful voice full of dirty promises.

«Please dont.» I begged, my large eyes pleading with him, as I stared up into his terrifying, handsome face.

«Please dont what?» he teased, as his fingers played with my hair. The tips of his fingers occationally brushing against my neck, as they twirled through my chestnut locks.

«Please dont take advantage of me.» Irritation seeped into my voice. I was sick of this, sick of having to beg him, sick of having to plead to get some kind of reprieve from him. I stopped pushing against his chest, my arms resting right below his pecks.

«Why shouldnt I?» His fingers had found their way deep into my hair.

«Because I wont let you!» I snapped, tired of his twisted games.

«You wont let me.» He repeated, the corner of his lips tugging upwards, his eyes twinkled as he stared down at me.

He scoffed at my statement, the amusement faded from his face. His hand fisted itself in the fine hairs at the back of my head, as he forcefully held me in place. He leaned down, his hot breath against my right cheek.I didnt look at him, just stared straight up at the white ceiling.

«Love, there is nothing you can do to stop me.» He purred, as he forced my head to tilt back with a firm tug on the fine hairs fisted in his grip. I had no choice but to yield to him.

His teeth grazed the tender skin above my exposed pulse. I lay perfectly still in his arms, painfully aware of the power he had, of what he could do.

«I will hate you if you force me.» I whispered, my mouth dry.

«You already hate me, so it wont really make any difference what I decide to do to you.» He countered, his lips hovered over the sensitive skin right under my ear.

«You havent given me a reason not to hate you.» I turned my head slightly to the side, my eyes meeting his. He had allowed me move, my hair sliding out of his loosened grip.

«Maybe I want to give you a reason to hate me even more than you already do, to give you a new reason to despise me, to fear me, to tremble in my arms. Maybe, just maybe, I want to break you.» His emotionless black pools stared back at my calming blue orbs.

My trembling had stopped in the middle of his claim, I suddenly stopped being afraid. It was as if someone had just flipped a switch. It wasnt logical at all. I was lying on my back, half naked, staring into the cold eyes of the twisted man who was talking about raping me, breaking me. His voice was so relaxed, almost as if he was talking about the weather, not the perverted act he contemplated. I felt so calm, so safe. It didnt make any sense at all!

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