XI:make him hot

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Don't try to give me,
Cold water.
I don't want to sober up.
Cause' I'm already high enough


I sat in the girls bathroom. Looking in the mirror. I heard the door close, I didn't care to look over.

"Aw baby, what's wrong?" Toni asked enfolding me.
"Everything!" I cried into her shoulder.

"Babygirl,it'll get better.whatever dickhead said, doesn't matter. You got people who matter." She tried to enlighten the mood, and for the first time in a while, I smiled.

I walked out of the bathroom and Sweet Pea blocked my way.
"Move out of my way, bitch." I shoved past him.

I saw Cheryl smirk,I walked over to her.
"Can we talk?" I asked.
"Oh thank god, I thought you were gonna kill me." She sighed in relief.

She pulled me into the lounge.
"I'm sorry for what I did I won't do it again! Please be on the Vixens!" She pleaded.

"Sure Cee. I felt like the Vixens were dying without the two of us!" I smirked jokingly.

"Great!" She hugged me. "And if your gonna date a serpent, please make them hot."

"Uh-huh." I smirked.

We skipped away, all to our next class.

Sweet pea's pov

I only, i only got eyes for you!

What a stone cold bitch. I thought.

Toni walked out.
"Your really fucked up this time Sweet Pea." She sighed.

"I know that!" I barely shouted at her.
I decided on calling her.

"He-y." My voice cracked.
"Can we talk? The benches at the back."

"Fine. If your not going to yell at me." She sighed. It broke my heart.

Back to Vanessa's POV

"So, I wanted to start off by saying that I'm sorry.
I get over protective for the people-I meant the only, person I love. And I know we've been ignoring eachother, but I just can't pretend I'm not in love with you. And I'm sorry, I was scared,for you. I don't want you taking risks to show that you love me. I don't want to shatter you're world,because I nonstop worry about you. Every time you don't answer your phone, every time you can't go to pops, every time you cry, or are mad, my heart breaks. Because-because if -god forbid- something bad happened to you, I'd be stuck living my life, blaming myself because I could of prevented it.I just can't ever imagine living a life without you in it.it all sounds crazy, i think I'm crazy." His eyes glazed over.

"I'm sorry Sweet Pea. If I could take it back I would. We're all a little crazy Sweets"I grabbed him and he went in for a hug, but I pressed my lips against his, and smiled.

"Wow, was not expecting that." He smirked.

"I'm completely shocking, get used to it flower boy."I grinned.
"And, You smell like cigarettes. gross."

"Flower boy " He smiled."Dully noted."

"What now? Do you want to go back to class or-" He began before I shushed him."We, are skipping."

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