Chapter 18- Airport

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I love Cate Blanchett. I really do. When I originally imagined her as Tommy's big sister, I wanted her to be good but ideas form and things change *sobs* so yeah, she's a bitch! Don't hate me pls :(


Toothbrush in my mouth, I try to scramble out of our room with my bags slung haphazardly over my shoulder.

Chris and I slept in an hour later than we'd intended but I really want to greet my mother at the airport.

"Careful, Rambo!" Chris shouts at me in concern as I jump the head board and race to the door. He's just a few paces behind me with a duffel bag full of huge jumpers and jeans. He has so many shoes too... "You're going to break your face some day!" he pants as we race down the corridor and down the elevator.

Taika is waiting for us at the reception with a bright, early morning smile.

He seems alarmed at our urgency and orders Gwyneth to take Chris's bags to the car.

He and Taika stay behind to talk as I race to the service cars.

Taika owns six of them, to transport his students to and fro.

Chris storms out of the apartment block a few moments after with a frown on his face. I briefly wonder what Taika said to him, but we're racing away from the problem and closer to my mother before I get a chance to ask.


I gently sip a cup of hot chocolate as I wait for my family to show up.

Chris is utterly exhausted, not at all accustomed to having such a small amount of sleep, nursing a black coffee and banana pancake.

I feel guilty for disrupting his sleep last night but he brushes off my sorry attempts of an apology with a tired smile and a gentle, "It's alright, babe."

The airport is virtually empty, with just a few tired faces and men in haggard suits.

Some of them glare at me in curiosity.

I instinctively shy away from them and prey they don't try to mess with me.

Chris wraps me in his arms. He doesn't give a fuck about what people think about him, or his appearance, or his sexuality. I'm ashamed I can't say the same...

Eventually, I catch a glimpse of my sister's blonde, curly hair and a tiny figure racing towards me like a dart.

All the breath in my lungs escapes me.

"Jack?" I whimper, tears blurring the sight of my nephew hurtling towards me at the speed of a rocket. His blonde curls bounce around his head. He's smiling like nothing is wrong in the world.

"Uncle Tom! Uncle Tom!"

I fall onto my knees and engulf the young boy in my arms. He may only be five years old, but my lungs are crushed under the pressure of his hug.

"Aw, Jack-man. I missed you," I grin, rocking us back and forth on the airport floor. As Cate approaches, I stand once again; tucking Jack's shaking form into my arms. She's smiling sweetly, but I can see the boredom in her pretty, blue eyes. She hasn't missed me.

"Tom," she greets, tonelessly. I ignore her and stare at the bundle in her arms. Peculiar green eyes blink at me from beneath a purple blanket.

"Sammy-bear," I coo, reaching my arms towards the nine month old. Cate rolls her eyes and passes me the infant.

"I'm going to get water. Look after them," she commands sharply, hating my lack of response to her piss-poor example of a greeting.

"I always do," I reply, ignoring her bitterness. Chris frowns at me. I can see the anger lines on his forehead but I smile brighter than I think I ever have, and he lets it go. "Chrissy," I begin with a proud hitch in my throat ((it's totally not a voice crack)) "This is Jack-man and Sam-a-lamb."

"Hello there," he nods at Jack. Jack waves shyly. "I've heard a lot about you, mister man."

"I've never heard 'bout you, a-fore," Jack grumbles in return.

His pretty eyes are hidden beneath his blonde curls. He's so shy, bless his heart.

I fluff my own highlighted curls, grinning down at my nephews with nothing but love and adoration. Sam reaches for my ears, which he always tugs on when he's tired, saliva bubbling out of his little mouth.

"Tom-my!" he garbles and my heart explodes with love. Jack squirms to be put down, and when I place him on the ground, he hesitantly shuffles over to my boyfriend.

Chris smiles at him with an ounce of confusion in his stunning, ocean-blue eyes. But when Sam reaches out to him, he doesn't hesitate to swoop him into his huge arms.

"Wow! Tommy! Look, he's so tall!" Jack giggles loudly as Chris bounces him up and down, twirling too fast. Sam chuckles at his brother's silly antics as Chris's speed rapidly increases. My heart spikes with fear at the thought of him falling but Chris looks so happy, so strong and so perfect. Like a father.

Okay. Seriously, I need to get a grip.

He mentions having children once in a distant, vague and broad way and I go all maternal on him like a middle-aged broody female. I'm such an idiot! God, how can he even look at me-,

"Hey, Tommy?" Chris's sweet, masculine, Australian voice wraps around my brain and instantly pulls me away from my self-hate and disgust. "Isn't that your, uhm, mom?" there's a focused look in his eyes, all hints of playfulness disappearing.

Jack whines at the sudden halt in movement and Chris strokes his hair reassuringly, arching his back protectively and glaring at something beyond my shoulder in distrust.

I turn slowly.

What I see stunts my brain for a short moment. It's a sight I haven't seen in years. It's a sight I haven't wanted to see until I lost it.

My mother.


I'm starting to get writer's block with this story. I just don't see it going anywhere. I'll post another if y'all want me to? What are your thoughts, requests, opinions on that?

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