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The two men gave no response to her startled scream, instead they looked directly at her, no movement made between them. She stopped soon enough, suspicious of their presence in her home, house rather, because it did not feel like a home when there was hardly anything that made her happy about anything.

They looked like celebrities who spent a lot of money on skin care. Their skin was a perfect blend of gold and brown - golden brown. But, they looked familiar in no way. And, they didn't stop looking at her like she was something that they were supposed to be focused on. They kept still like mannequins and didn't move, or made a slight shake. They were freaking her out.

"Why the hell are you in my house? Who gave you permission to come into the compound, not to talk of my sitting room?" She finally quaked with anger. She knew, from rumors and news, that buglers never waited for the house owner to arrive. And even if they were caught, they never acted like a bunch of frozen males whose only abilities were to stand and stare her in the eyes. She stood up from the chair she had plumped down on and moved closer to them, their eyes followed, but they did not make a move to attack, talk or do anything.

Her fear began to increase and go wild. She did not believe in spirits or ghosts and these men hardly looked like one. Her eyes weren't deceiving her, she assured herself. "Who are you people? Assassins?" She shook her head in response to her question, it was dumb and stupid at the same time, how would she be alive if there were assassins? Assassins work in the shadows, never let anyone know about their presence until the deed is done and no deed was done... yet. She half walked, half ran to the door, to run out, scared that she was imagining things due to her depressive state and she needed to interact with a human being. The door she had just passed through was shut, she wondered how, the key was in her bag and the door was never locked until the key was inserted. Her heart level raced as she turned back to see the two men stare intently at her.


They had to be awaiting order from their boss, they had her trapped, they had waited for her and would slowly kill her. Her house was soundproofed, to an extent, only the kitchen was normal, she had purposely asked that the rest of the house be made soundproof, for when she had to play depressingly loud music so as not to disturb the neighbourhood. Now she felt that it was a disadvantage, she couldn't scream and the kitchen was behind the stairs at the far end of the right side of the house.

"What do you want?" She had to hide her fear - which was was successfully doing an awful job at, but she was sure her face showed how scared she was.

She expected a reply stating her money, life or something from the men clad in red and black, which was strangely odd. And she got a reply, "You," but it was a voice of a female. She looked hard at the men, did they have built bodies and female voices? Was it the effect of not taking the anti depressant affecting her head and she was seeing and hearing things more than before? Or was Ire playing a prank on her, to lighten her mood?

"Why do you want me?" She shook with fear but held her ground, she was not known for her writings because she gave up easily and she would not give up now, she had new book ideas to put down.

"We don't want you, we want YOU." And right at the front of the two men glimmered, presenting a woman. Her outfit was white and gold Ankara, shiny with little spots of glitter, her dark skin shone and her eyes, Lilian had never thought such a color existed. She made a mental note to make her next character hero have the color. It was a glimmer between purple and blue.

"I am me, what does that mean and who the hell are you?" Her mind hadn't calculated that the woman had mysteriously shimmered into her house, she was just confused about the statement, and she wasn't a fan of being confused.

"We are the Oneris and we want YOU." One of the men said, eyes still on her, that freaked her out a bit, their stare had not wavered and they had not blinked. Her hands were sweaty at the moment, she was scared that they wanted her life and she still could not find a way to open the door; this time, not to look for a human being to talk to, but to escape, at least. The woman in white moved in an inhumane speed toward her and stood in front of her, her eyes stared at Lilian's.

"Dear Lilian, we do not come to take your life but to give you life." A frown marred her face from the statement the woman had made. She felt annoyed, insulted. She had a life, she had built it all from nothing and here, someone or something was saying they want to give her life.

She had a life and she that she knew, that she was sire about.

She resisted the urge to laugh at them at the joke, they were trying to make. "What could you possibly give me that I don't have?" she asked the woman in a stern voice, accompanied by a stern look.

The woman began to slowly levitateaway from her. "Happiness," she replied directly, like it was a planned statement, like she had waited for her to ask the question. And just like that Lilian's mood shifted form surprised, to sad, to depressed and then full blown anger. She had happiness, didn't she?

"I am sure you have not heard about Oneri, I'll help you out with the information. We are a forgotten committee, one which used to exist in the minds of the world, we are the givers of dreams and nightmares, the makers of happiness. We've watched you from the peak of our temple and saw how you've made others happy, this ability we gave unto you as young as you were but for fear that you would misuse it, we withheld one ability, the ability we hold back from all of the world. The ability to create your happiness." The talk sounded like gibberish, but Lilian listened and found herself levitating with the woman in white.

"How do I know you people are not thieves?" That was a a highly silly question to ask and Lilian knew it a little too late. The sky above the house cracked with lightening and as she stood, she saw, in her eyes, all kinds of nightmares people who were asleep would have been seeing in a flash. One man saw himself being pursued by men clad in leaves, another saw herself being stripped, flesh from bone and still be alive in pain. All the horrible sights she saw made her almost scream, but the visions or nightmares were taken from her at once. She fell to the floor of her house and panicked, she was numb. She was not ready to look at the woman nor the men, she wanted it all to be a bad dream, not a nightmare, but a dream.

"Does that convince you Lilian Adeogun?" She shivered out of fear and nodded but refused to look up. A warm hand held her face up and she was eye to eye with the purplish-blue eyes and as she stared, she felt all the fear she had evaporate and all she could see, in her mind were everything nice, puppies, lots and lots of puppies and happy thoughts. If the woman could do that with her awake, what could she not do when a person was sleeping.

"Lilian, we have watched you long for the happiness you give, the happiness you write and we have come to conclusion," The woman who squatted easily beside her smiled, then said, "We bestow to you the ultimate power to create your happiness, not for bad , not for evil, but for good." Lillian felt herself began to levitate again, her body was weightless in the air, spread out. Like she was being pulled by a rope through her waist. "And this can be done only through what you do best." Lilian was confused once again but she felt too weak and tired as she felt herself slowly come in contact with the floor once more. All she wanted to do was sleep and she believed everything she had seen was her illusions, even when she opened her eyes a few minutes later, still on the floor and saw nothing, only her big and lonely sitting room.

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