X.no one to chase after me

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The world is a person,
who kills if you let it.
I know they got pills
that can help you forget it.
they bottle it, call it medicine
but I don't need drugs.

No one to chase after me
You know that feeling, of complete loneliness. Failure. And hurting. I was feeling all that at once, except X100.

I had completely lost everyone who cared, because I was being selfish.

I let the tears pour down my face, regret washed over me, a lot of it.
He said he loved me, he lied. He said he would never leave, he lied.


I decided on not going to school.
Archie stormed into my room, it was past 4:00pm. I guess sadness can turn into sleep.

"How your head little sis?" He asked.
"Good,Archie what's wrong?" I responded.

Archie didn't know about the fight last night, he didn't know about anything last night. It was better that way.

"The Southside High-school has been shut down, some of the students are coming to Riverdale High! And-" Archie was still talking and I shoved past him and ran downstairs to get my phone.

"Oh,Hi, Veronica? Yeah do you now what students are going to Riverdale High? Mhm,yeah. oh." I hung up the phone.
I tear slipped down my face,in quickly wiped it away and jogged up stairs.

"Continue Archie." I fake smiled.

My alarm clock blared, I woke up and got dressed as usual. I tried to persuade my dad into letting me stay home.

Veronica forced me into the welcoming committee. I declined, but she insisted.
I wore a white short sleeved shirt and black leggings.I didn't even care what brand of shoes I slide on, and pulled my hair into a high ponytail. And I usually never wore makeup-except mascara and lip gloss.

I threw my bag over my shoulder, the bright scenery was to happy for my mood today.

I began thinking about things, a lot of things. How I was the black sheep of the family,The odd one out. Truth be told, I didn't want to do cheerleading. I wanted to be popular.

And when I lost everything at school, I was the same loner girl from middle school.

"Friends! On behalf of the students and Facility here. We welcome you with open arms." Veronica began, it was my turn to speak. I avoided as much eye contact as I could with Sweet Pea.

"Here, we have a list of sports and extracurriculars. We encourage you to drink deeply from the cups that is, fair Riverdale." I finished, thankful it was over.

Toni and Cheryl were about to start a fight before I stopped them.
"Guys, can we just start over,a new slate?" I began, until Reggie cut me off.

"You don't speak for us, Andrews and need I remind you, the greaser snakes showed up at your door. Trying to kick your ass. But it doesn't matter to you me, your just a serpent slu-" He was about to spit the word like venom.

"Hey!" Sweet Pea Yelled, Lunging forward but Fangs and Jughead we're trying to hold him back.


I sat alone at lunch, not like I had choice. Reggie came down to sit by me.

"How could you Reggie! I'm not the slu*!
You're the man whore here!" I yelled.

"Ness." He began.
"Fuck you Reggie!"

I stormed out of the lunchroom. And for the first time in a while, no one chased after me.

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