Hi guys I dunno if you read my last story which was a Louis Tomlinson one so if you have then welcome back and dont worry that one isnt finished yet, if you havent read that then hello welcome. Im not the best writer sorry bout that but i do try my best!

This story is about a girl called Isla Scott and she is 13 years old in the same grade as "vine famous" Hyes Grier. You would be thinking wow Isla is soooo lucky but shes not. Before Hayes became famous he was friends with Isla but then he came famous and thought she wasnt good enough and ditched her for the popular boys and ever since him and his friends bullied her. Then a twist and Isla's best friend  (out of the only two she has) starts dating Hayes which means Isla is forced to hang round with him then they fall in love with eachother.

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