27- A gift for Antonio

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Gabriella woke up to Bella whimpering, and let her out of the kennel, carrying her to the bed with her.

"Gabby, daddy will be mad you let her out." Isabella whispered.

"She was crying." Gabriella says, putting the puppy under the blankets, trying to get her to lay down with them.

Antonio woke up to hearing the girls giggling and talking, thinking that they are up earlier than normal. He put on his sweats, and headed over to the girls room to see what they were doing.

"What are you girls up to?" Antonio says, scaring the girls as he walked on the room. Both of their heads popped out from under the blankets, acting like they weren't doing anything, trying to keep the puppy underneath the blankets.

"Nothing daddy." Isabella smiled, innocently. Antonio noticed the blanket moving, and looked over at the kennel.

He ran his fingers through his hair, trying not to get mad at them "Why is Bella in the bed with you girls?"

"She was crying." Gabriella says, rubbing her eyes. Scared that they were in trouble.

"Come on, let's let her outside. I'm sure she has to go to the bathroom." he says, walking over to the bed and picking the puppy up, carrying her outside. The girls followed him outside and chased the puppy around until she did her duties.

"Come on girls, bring her back in, let's make some breakfast."

Ethan woke up to the girls running around the living room, playing with Bella. He lifted his head up, looking over the couch to Antonio "How did everything go last night?"

"Went really well, Sadie did a wonderful job raising money for the foundation, I also won three awards, as well as my firm. So it was a good night."

"That's good, congratulations. Say you wouldn't mind if I took the girls for the rest of the weekend, would you?" Ethan asked curiously.

"Why, what do you have going on?"

"I just figured that I would give you kids a break, so you could have some alone time for once. I was also thinking maybe taking the girls down to the creek and do a little fishing."

"I suppose, do you plan on taking their dog too?" Antonio laughed, as he flipped the pancakes.

"Yes, I can do that too. I can take them after they eat breakfast, and drop them back off tomorrow." Ethan removed the blanket from him, and folded it up. He then sat down at the table, his stomach started growling after smelling the food "Making enough for me to eat?"

"Yes, don't worry."

"Is breakfast done daddy, I'm hungry?" Isabella asked, as she stood next to him.

"Yes, why don't you girls go wash up and then go sit at the table. You're food will be ready when you get back."

Antonio fed Ethan and the kids, then made a plate for Sadie and put it on a tray, bringing her breakfast in bed. He walked in the bedroom just as Sadie was waking up.

"Wake up sleepy head, you're sleeping in awfully late today." he grinned, handing her tray of food.

"Felt good to sleep in for once." she says, looking at the food he brought her.

Antonio sat down on the bed, picking a piece of bacon off her tray, having her take a bite "Ethan is taking the girls until tomorrow, so it's just us." he says, still trying to get her to take a bite of the bacon "He thinks we need some alone time."

"That's nice of him." she smiled, she looked at the food, turning her nose up "I'm not sure that I'm hungry, thank you anyways."

Antonio looked at her strangely "Are you sure?" he says, eating a piece of bacon.

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