Jordan watched as Roland and Lindsey shook their heads and walked back down the stairs to the student section, disappearing quickly into the crowd. Parker returned to his seat beside Mary and rolled his eyes, grabbing a beer from the concealed cabinet under the microwave.

"What a bunch of losers. You're so much better than them, Mar."

"I know." Mary nodded, glancing over at Jordan with thinly veiled fear in her eyes. "I'm so much better than a lot of people."


The game went smoothly, Barnum Prep taking the lead early on with Michael Hadden as the captain. The first half ended with Barnum up 28-7.

"Well, that was quite the exciting first half." Jordan commented as the team ran to the sidelines and she realized she was out of ice cream. "Who wants to fetch me some food from that terrible truck at the front of the school?"

"Wait until after they play the tribute." Mary ordered, watching carefully as a PowerPoint presentation was projected onto the barn across from the football field: four pictures, one for each of the deceased Barnum alumni.

"We wanted to take this time to honor four of our Barnum Prep graduates who were killed this past summer in a terrible car accident." The voice of Madison Walsh, student body president, echoed through a megaphone to reach the ears of the teens in the skybox. "Our first honoree is none other than Barnum Preparatory School's previous star football captain, Eddie Hadden."

A picture of Eddie smiling with his giant, heartwarming smile graced the screen. Jordan remembered going over to Mary's house all through junior high and high school and just wanting to be around Eddie. Not for any romantic reasons; he was always tied to some cheerleader or socialite anyways. But because he was so happy all the time, and his smile made you feel as though you could conquer anything just by staring at it.

"Eddie was a principal part of our student body here at Barnum, and he did everything he could to be the best leader for our school. We all thank him and remember him dearly."

The screen went dark as Madison continued to the next teen.

"Our next honoree is Erin Green."

A picture of Erin popped up on the screen, and Jordan watched as people seemed a bit less enthused about her than Eddie. Eddie's ex-girlfriend wasn't exactly known for being kind, and her picture showed that: the socialite was hardly smiling, just the corners of her mouth turned upwards in what could possibly be considered a pleasant expression.

"Erin and her family have donated much of their time and money to Barnum Prep to give it everything it needs, from this football stadium to the new library." Madison said, "So in honor of the contributions of both Eddie Hadden and the Green family to this football program, we as a student government have decided to dedicate this football stadium with a new name: The Eddie and Erin Stadium."

"Eddie's rolling in his grave right now." Mary muttered from beside Jordan, causing the rest of the box to laugh.

"Our next honoree is Neil Conrad."

What happened next happened with such swiftness that Jordan was pretty sure half of the student body missed it. But a picture of Neil appeared on the projector's screen: happy, smiling for once, dressed in all black with spiked hair from his experimental days. But the picture disappeared within seconds and was replaced by a different image: one that Jordan had never, in a million years, suspected she would see.

It was still Neil. No doubt about it. The photo was grainy, clearly taken by a phone camera, and depicted Neil kissing someone. That in itself was shocking; the boy had never shown interest in anyone in his life, male or female.

But the most shocking part was who he was kissing.

The picture was dated May 27, barely a week before the accident that took Neil's life. The other person in the picture was Mary Hadden.

And the whole school could see it.

A/N: Happy Saturday update! But without the happy part, clearly, since things are starting to get real. Who put the picture up on the screen? Let me know your thoughts!



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