31 | Morning Antics.

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31| Morning Antics.

Let's be honest, the couple wouldn't have the highly anticipated, hot and steamy sex the pair of them have anxiously been awaiting for. They didn't even end up having sloppy drunk sex. As soon as they got back from their unplanned and probably regretful wedding, Annie crashed on the couch, her snores being louder than the ocean outside. It took Luke nearly half an hour to safely get her upstairs with out falling over or loosing his footing; the stairs are now his worst enemy.

He then took Annies shoes off for her and got changed himself, dampening a towel and wiping it across Annie's face, hopefully getting some make up off for her. He didn't want to change Annie into some more comfortable clothes because he thought that was rather a personal act, considering he'd never felt her naked before, and he had no idea what she was wearing underneath the provocative dress.

Tucking the both of them in, Luke hugged his body to Annies before swiftly falling asleep, dreaming about their future.

It was odd; now that they were "married" Luke's dreams couldn't stop playing out a perfect scene of the two. In the kitchen of their rather large house (due to Annie being insanely rich from her big paying job and Luke being wealthy from his professional career in football). Then, the dream changed, he wasnt a footballer, he was a musician, playing to thousands of people a night and singing from his heart. Dream Luke was terrified of that, he wasn't confident enough to preform in front of so many people alone.

Anyway, the married couple were in the kitchen with their two children and a baby in Annie's stomach, she looked beautiful, but her face was blank, all the faces were blank because even if dream Luke could see, real Luke couldn't.

At 10;00am everyone was still asleep apart from the annoying friend who decided it would be clever to go downstairs and play 'Hello - Martin Solveig' through the speakers. It woke Annie up instantly, the thumping base matching her headache, pounding inside of her skull.

She rolled her eyes, she knew it was Sophie playing this downstairs, she never got hungover which Annie was secretly jealous of.

Annie slipped from Luke's limp embrace, changing into his button up from last night and tying her hair into a messy- half arsed bun. Obviously, she changed her underwear, but she couldn't be bothered putting on any pants at the moment, the sun was blaring through the windows causing the whole room to become humid.

She noticed that Luke was starting to stir and perched herself on his lap, smiling down at him as he rubbed his eyes in a fatigue, a cute yawn echoing around the room. Pressing her lips to his in a sweet kiss, Luke instantly pulled back with furrowed brows, the mistake at the club coming back to him and he wanted to make sure he knew it was his girl.

He reached his hands up and cupped her cheeks, feeling her pout with his thumbs as his fingers stroked across her eyebrows. His hand slipped to her chin, holding it between his thumb and forefinger and pulling her face down to his, ghosting his lips over hers momentarily before kissing her again, lazily and sloppily.

Both of hem smiled into the kiss, pulling away shortly with eyes still closed, embracing the sweet exchange. Luke leant up and pressed his forehead to Annie's thinking about his dream and how he doesn't want to mess this up, not with her. He ran his thumb along her bottom lip, suggestively slipping it into her mouth jokingly, assuming she'd move away and giggle at his antics. He didn't expect her to suck it.

Luke opened his eyes widely, imagining her face, her action. She pulled away with the cute giggle Luke was originally expecting. "Damn," Luke chuckled, placing his hands on her waist as she sat up properly on his stomach.

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