Small Towns

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After hours of lectures, not even mentioning the fact that Ben the blabber mouth wouldn't shut up, and quizzes plus random practice routines it was finally starting to slow.

"How do you think you did?" I ask Ben anxiously twisting my pony tail holder around my fingers.

He stares at the pony tail then squashes my hand with his, "would you just stop doing that?" He states.

I send him a pointed look, "well jeaz, someone had a mood swing."

"Why do you do that with it?" He asks making me confused.

"With what? What are you-" he points to my hands, "oh my pony tail holder!" Now I feel dumb, "nervous habit."

He sighs, "man your weird."

"Man your annoying." I rebuff.

He puts his hand on his chest and takes a deep breath in, acting offended, "people would die to meet me."

I let out a laugh, "yeah, right just like I can fly."

"You can fly?" Taken aback by his question I look at him, "I was kidding!" He pauses and looks away, "I may be stupid sometimes but not that stupid Rach."

"Again with the Rach?" I ask rolling my eyes.

He opened his mouth to reply but quickly closed it when the instructor lifted up a sheet of paper and shook it vigorously above him, "these," he pauses and looks at each one of us in the eye, "are your teams." My eyes practically pop out of my head. I'm so excited I accidentally squealed.

Ben snorts beside me, "nice noise." I swat at his arm but he dodges it. "Play nice. That would have been a penalty." He snarks.

"You did not just bring the game I live for into this Benjamin. If so, that was a mistake. Cause what ever team I end up with, will kick your teams butt." I reply to his comment.

"What if we get the same team huh smarty pants?" He asks me.

"Too bad we won't."

"Aw too bad? So you do care!" He crosses his arms over his chest. Wrong choice of words to use Rachel, so wrong.

I watch Layton pin the piece of paper with the teams to the board in front. "At this time you may all come and take a peeksey at your team location, players, even some say rivalries. Please make it organized I hate childish humans." He finishes with a slight accent. "One more thing, you will all meet your teams this week. Check your emails for dates."

"Shall we?" Ben asks standing up from the chair and giving me a hand. I look at it with disgust, "what? Do I have cooties?"

I glare at him then grab his hand reluctantly, "happy now?"

"Overjoyed." He answers attempting a high class accent. We walk to where the sheet of paper is and wait for the people to clear out in front of us, "I was wondering,"

"Yeah?" I ask.

"Can I have your number? You know, just to stay in touch and all. In case I mess up being a coach and I need to call you to get those notes you took that were so important." He asks making a joke out of the question.

I grab his hand and pull him back to the table we sat at dramatically, "hold on," I quickly jot it down on the corner of a piece of my notebook paper and rip the piece out. "Here. I'm would be happy at giving you advise, I'm the best of the best." I say sarcastically like he always does while giving it to him.

"Good thing you have those notes." His expression gets more playful, "now you missy need to learn how to tie shoes."

"Oh no. No way ho zay. I don't think so." I reply running around the desk.

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