chapter 25

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The funeral was beautiful. It was exactly what Papa deserved. Mike spoke at the service and talked about what a great man he was and then we watched Papa get lowered into the ground.

It was hard to watch but now that the funeral is over I feel like I can finally grieve properly. I keep Papa's words in mind, that it's okay to be selfish every now and again.

The girls handled it well. Lisa even prepared a speech for the wake in which we're on our way to now. I don't know if Vic's coming. He's been quiet and distant all day. He didn't even cry at the funeral. I've barely seen him since Papa passed. Heck, we even came in separate cars today.

After we arrive at the venue  I spend some time with Mama, giving her my love and condolences. She's doing okay considering she just lost the love of her life. Mike and Tony have been spending a lot of time with her lately. They even helped organise the funeral. I can tell Mama is worried about Vic as we all are but he's not the priority at the moment.

I look around the room and take note of all the people that are here. I'm not surprised the room is so full. Papa impacted my life dramatically. I don't doubt he did the same for others.

The speeches start and Papa's brother speaks first. He says some really nice things and it's relieving to know that Papa had always been the man I knew and loved.

Mama gets up and Mike stands at her side for support. She smiles at everyone as she holds the microphone then takes a deep breath before she begins.

"Firstly, thank you to everyone for coming tonight to honor my husband's memory and pay your respects. Victor said to me before he passed, “I don't want a funeral. I want you to throw me a party” and I think that perfectly sums up what kind of a man he was. When you think of him, think of the loving father he was, the courteous husband, the loyal friend, the wise, kindhearted, down-to-earth man. And although I feel as though my time with him has been short, I am not resentful, I'm grateful that I got to spend many happy years with him. Tonight we won't mourn his death, we will celebrate his life."

By the end of her speech, everyone is in tears, including myself. I quickly get my shit together then turn to Lisa.

"You ready, honey?" I ask.

She looks stressed but nods anyway. I give her a long kiss on the temple then she makes her way to the stage. I blow her a kiss which makes her smile then she begins.

"My grandpapa was the best grandpapa anyone could ever ask for and I speak for my brother and sister as well when I say that. He was always supportive of us and never failed to encourage our dreams. He always said, "if you're not dreaming big, then what's the point?". I will forever hold those words close to me. I am grateful for the wisdom and the love he left in me. This world lost an amazing human and heaven gained one hell of an angel. Rest in peace, grandpapa."

She wipes the tears from her face and gives me a warm smile.

Suddenly though, Vic stumbles onto the stage and snatches the microphone from her.

"That was so beautiful, baby girl." he slurs, obviously drunk.

He sit on the edge of the stage and Lisa rushes back over to me.

"My papa was a great dad." Vic sighs into the mic. He's swaying so I can tell he's really, really drunk. "I'll never be the man he was. I'm a fucking terrible father. My son is in hospital because of me. I can't even do the bare fucking minimum of keeping my kid alive. By the way, while the family is all here, why don't you RSVP to his funeral. And also RSVP to my marriage's funeral because that's fucking dead. And maybe you should also RSVP to Kellin's funeral. Because of me my own husband, the love of my life, wants to kill himself. That's my fault." he mutters.

"Fuck." I whisper as I hurriedly make my way to the stage.

"I lose everything I love." Vic whimpers. He finally drops the microphone and puts his head in his hands as he starts crying.

I take his arm and wrap it around my neck then help him slide off the small stage. The whole room is in chatter now but that's the least of my worries.

I carry Vic back to the girls as he continues to cry quite hysterically.

"You take him home. I've got the girls." Tony says, his arms wrapped around Chrissy who seems rather upset with the whole situation.

"Tony," Vic sobs. "My dad died."

"I know, buddy. Kellin's going to take you home, okay?" Tony says softly.

"Okay," Vic chokes.

I don't have time to thank Tony. I just take my husband and haul ass out of there.

I get him in the car then drive him home, nothing but worry pooling in my stomach as Vic sits next to me, crying his heart out.

The only time I've seen him hysterically cry was when I broke up with him back in high school and he broke down out the front of Jenna's house. But even that wasn't this bad.

When we arrive home, I help Vic out of the car and inside. I take the drunken man up to our room and I sit him on the bed. But as soon as I sit him down, he pushes me away and rushes to the ensuite, covering his mouth.

I hear him spewing so I join him at his side as he heaves over the toiletbowl.

I rub his back and kiss his shoulder comfortingly as he tries to catch his breath.

"You need some rest." I whisper and he nods.

I help him up from the floor and bring him over to our bed. I help undress him out of his suit then pull the covers over him.

"Kellin, I miss you." he whimpers.

I smile sadly and kiss his forehead.

"Get some rest." I murmur.

He nods closes his eyes. Whether he falls asleep or passes out, I have no idea but I spend most of the night watching him, making sure he doesn't choke on his own vomit in his sleep before I inevitably fall asleep beside him.


I'm miserable so I thought I'd bring you all down with me :)

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