IM a What.....a vampire? your kidding right?

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HEY GUYS!!!!! Well this is my first time on Watt pad! welll here goes tell me what you think!

"GO! GO! GO! We have less than one hour to recieve the subject! Olivia are you with me?" said general Smith. "Yes sir".



Everything worked out perfectly until i had to wake up from the best dream ever!!! Hi my name is Olivia Banks. Im just a 15 year old girl with nothing but the comfort of snickers and a vampire book on a saturday night with nothing better to do. While most of the preppy blonde cheerleaders dance around with the hottest guys in school at wild, beer-drinking parties that im never invited to. My best friends name is Carly and without her i dont think i would have ever made it this far in my life. Well you see im an orphan and i live with my moms best friend at the moment. My parents were recuited into the military so basically im an army brat. I miss my mom and dad so much. Its heart breaking when ever i have a hard day at school and i come home and dont really have a mother or father to go to and envelop in a big hug and cry your eyes out to. ok dont get me wrong Marie and Bill are considerded comforting but their not my biological parents.

Now heres the saddest part of my day when i have to go to school! doesnt it sound like so much fun? well newsflah it isnt! I walk the halls like a ghost! I get readdy for school, kiss Bill on the Cheek good bye and Marie and i make our way out. we talk in the car for a bit on the way and then she pulls up to the school. Washington High school home of the MIGHTY WARRIORS! "bye sweetie good luck!" marie yelled out the window. i met up with carly and we walked to chemistry class when out of no where this guy who looks like the sun on a muggy cloudy day knocks me over" are you ok im so sorry its my first day" he said with a british accent" my name is Brad" and he extended a hand toward me. "hi my name is olivia, welcome to our school" "thanks nice to meet you olivia" he said with a beautiful smile on his face. then just like that i saw a flash of blonde and pom poms and the cheerleaders headed our way...." Hey Brad, what happened did this loser run into you?" the witchy of all witchy people Candice said. gosh there are a lot of people in this world but i didnt know there were some that could be this evil! i wanted to snap her neck off and just then i felt something start to come out of my gums and poke my tongue and i fled to the bathroom. "OH MY GOSH WHY DO I HAVE FANGS?????"

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