Nya~! (Bananya PurQuoise, Yaoi)

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(Suggestion by AuthorOtakuNerd555 )

"Hello! I'm here to show you the true mystery of the world... Bananya!

They are in our everyday lives, living in our homes in the fruit bowl.

Such peculiar creatures, they are!

OO! OH! Here they come!"

In the kitchen, two bananya boing into view on the bench. One has a beautiful purple coat and a kinda scary look in it's eyes. It looks so cool! The other one, a nice turquoise colour, follows closely behind the purple one. It looks kinda scared.


"Look at this! Two have arrived right in front of our eyes!

These bananya have names; the beautiful one is Purple Bananya and the shy one is Turquoise Bananya.

They look so adorable!"


Turquoise Bananya halts because Purple Bananya has stopped. Purple Bananya turns towards Turquoise Bananya and 'nya's to him. Turquoise Bananya freaks out and puts his paws to his face.

"Awwww... look! Turquoise Bananya is flustered. He has a major crush on Purple Bananya! So kawaii!"

Purple Bananya purrs and he nudges Turquoise Bananya happily. Turquoise Bananya jumps at the sudden contact and starts to run away.


"Hehehe... they are so cute together!"

Purple Bananya chases after Turquoise Bananya, still purring very loudly. Both bananya have disappeared from sight behind the fruit bowl. Damn.

"Looks like they have gone.

It was fun while they were here! Hope you learned a lot from this show! See ya next time!


The end :)

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