moving in.

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+theo's pov+

i tilt my head in confusion. why are they yelling surprise? what's the surprise?

"wat's da supwise?" i ask them, and their grin get wider.

"we're moving in!" daddy yells, pointing to the car, which i've only just realized is filled with boxes. i squeal in delight, running up to the boys and giving them lots of kissies, before remembering the picture i did for them earlier.

i run to my bedroom, picking up the paper from my carpet and running back downstairs, a huge smile on my face as i see they are still there waiting.

"i draweded oo a pictuwe" i smile, toddling to them and handing them the paper. i watch as their eyes scan over the paper, huge smiles covering their faces.

"it's amazing, little one! thank you so much!" hunter praises, making me blush.

"i agree, baby boy. it's really really really great" he smiles lovingly.

"i think this deserves to be put on the fridge, don't you guys think so too?" papa asks the boys, who grin, hurrying over to the kitchen fridge. they grab a magnet, using it to stick the a4 sheet to the metal object.

"well done, baby!" papa praises, picking me up and spinning me around, making me giggle.

"thankies papa" i giggle, cuddling into the strong man's chest.

"so. shall we unpack?" dada asks, walking up to us with two big boxes steadied in his arms.

"mhm!" i reply, jumping from papa's warm chest and leading them to their bedroom. i walk up the stairs on my arms and feet, leading them to the master bedroom, which has yet to be decorated.

"this is yor bedwoom" i smile at them, pointing inside at the plain room. the only things inside are a king sized bed, a couch, a desk and two sets or drawers, along with a walk in closet and bathroom connected to the room.

"i love it! papa smiles, looking around the plain room.

"it's a bit plain, so i guess we are going to have to decorate it with pictures of our baby boy" dada smiles, picking me up as he takes a look around the room.

oops. i pee-peed.

"dada?" i call, waiting for a reply.

"yes baby?" he replies, looking admiringly at my face.

"my diapie is wet" i frown, pointing to the alphabet decorated diaper.

he looks down and smiles before saying "well, i guess i should change you then, shouldn't i?" he cooes, walking through my bedroom and to the bathroom, where there is a adult sized changing table.

he places me on the changing table carefully, untaping my diaper and throwing it in a trash can. he wipes my private parts and then covers it in baby powder, taping on a new diaper and picking me back up.

"there we go baby, all clean now" he smiles at me, pressing the tip of my nose.

"tank oo dada. love oo" i smile, frowning as i realize what i just said.

i look up at him, and he seems to be in deep shock.


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