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The man is Non-stop!"


(Let's do three scenarios for each boyo for this one since you guys have been showing me massive amounts of support for this book. I frickin love you guys)

(Their favorite place to kiss you +  How they kiss you + Cute/little things they do)

(The first scenario is requested by Slytherin_Queen1

 ((the second one I know someone requested, I just don't remember who. Sorry! Same goes for the third one))


Aoi Valt

[1st Scenario]

Valt's absolute favorite place to kiss (Name), has to be her cheeks. (Name) doesn't want to admit it, but, she has the most adorable chubbiest cheeks in the world. Or at least, that's what Valt thinks. And since Valt, too, has chubby cheeks, he thinks he found his soulmate.

While he's harassing (Name) with kisses, he pinches her cheeks softly.

Kinda gross, but (Name) always gets him back by doing the same a few hours later.

[2nd Scenario]

Since Valt is very oblivious, he never does anything passionate. Only adorable, small pecks every now and then. There are only few rare times where Valt does give (Name) some passionate ones, but it's very unlikely because Valt gets too flustered.

He does it at random times, too. Whenever he sees (Name), the first thing he does is run up and kiss (Name) on her cheeks. He absolutely loves to see her flustered face. 

[3rd Scenario]

(Name) walked down the stairs, seeing her boyfriend inspect his Beyblade and writing things down. Valt began to have a habit to write down strategies ever since he became champion. And sometimes, he mumbles every time and it progressively gets louder and louder. Sighing to herself, she creeps up behind him and prepared to scare him.

"Boo!" (Name) shouted, jumping on his back. Valt screamed and snapped out of his thoughts to turn around to face his laughing girlfriend.

"(First name)!" He whined, blushing furiously.

"That's what you get!" (Name) says in between giggles. "You seriously need to let that habit go." Valt huffed and puffed out his cheeks, making him look adorable. (Name) awed and pinched them. "If it makes you feel better, we can go and annoy Rantaro right now."

Valt calmed down and nodded while smiling. "Okay!"

Aoi Tokonatsu

[1st Scenario]

Tokonatsu is very shy when it comes to things like these. He tends to not kiss (Name) often due to hearing Nika constantly tease him. But when he does, he loves kissing (Name) on her forehead. In his opinion, he wants her to think that he will always wants to be there for her. Also, secretly, Tokonatsu does this because he likes feeling taller (since (Name) is taller than him by a one or two inches).

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